Shop Local, Invest Local

Shop Local Is Investing Locally

Shop local, invest local – Many people encourage us to shop local. There are good reasons to do so, and with the holidays approaching, it becomes even more important.

It has been said that most businesses fail within the first two years, for a variety of reasons. Right idea, wrong timing. Wrong idea. An expectation that the business is going to become profitable the moment the doors open. Too much competition. Not enough of a market for a niche idea. Perhaps the assumption that a great florist will automatically be a great business owner. Whatever the reason businesses fail, there are even more reasons why they succeed. Right idea, right timing. Cash reserves until the business takes off. Great market research.  Little competition. Impeccable service. Unique product.   

Why shop local? Here are my top ten reasons. 

  • The “proprietor” is a friend, relative, acquaintance who had the guts to start a business when the odds of success are stacked up against him or her. They need our help and support. 
  • Small businesses help make up the character and charm of small towns. Look at Silverton and Mt. Angel, Stayton and Sublimity. Aumsville, Jefferson, Turner, Scio, Lyons and Detroit. Imagine Mt. Angel without the Glockenspiel, both clock and restaurant, or, heaven forbid, Bochsler’s Hardware.  I’ve been going to that store for decades and only two times have they not had what I was looking for. And the place is jammed to the gills, yet the courteous, professional staff always know exactly where my item is. Think about Silverton without Mac’s Place (Circa 1890), or the Palace Theater, where you can get a first run movie, a tub of popcorn and a drink, and the largest screen in the Valley (with awesome sound and plush seats), for half of Salem prices. And what about Joel Autrey’s Silverton Wine Bar and Bistro? 
  • Empty storefronts are bad for business. Vibrant businesses are good for business collectively.
  1. Urban renewal dollars help revitalize the downtown. Open and healthy businesses contribute urban renewal dollars and business taxes to keep the town’s epicenter sharply dressed, running smooth, and attracting those important tourist dollars.  These businesses create jobs. 
  2. The dollars spent here stay here. Nothing gets “wired” to corporate. Shop local, invest local. 
  3. It is a friendly, cohesive group of small business owners. They “cross-promote” each other. They want each other to succeed, and friendly competition is just that. Friendly.
  4. Parking is cheap, and most business owners walk to their shops so that the disabled vet and the mom with three littles can park in front of their store. 
  5. To shop local, you get to know your neighbors, fellow parishioners, students, and local leaders. 
  6. Gas is not cheap. Time is often scarce. Paying a dollar more in Salem and spending an extra four dollars in gas to get there and back takes at least an hour, not counting shopping time? Maybe do the math? 
  7. Dan Satern at Guild Mortgage and his son, Brent Satern of Country Financial just treated over 300 kids and families to the Disney blockbuster movie, Frozen 2, November 23rd. The ticket included a $3 credit for snacks and pictures with the movie characters. Stu Rasmussen, owner of The Palace Theater, gave the two business leaders a deal. Kids had a blast. Roth’s Fresh Markets has given millions of dollars in contributions, goods, services, and candy (kids attending parades look for the Roth golf cart because they know something good is coming!). Your local business owners and their crews never saw a Girl Scout leave their store without having sold a box (or 10) of their world-famous cookies. The Little Leaguer raising funds for equipment and tournaments by selling candy bars and the marching band needing instruments and uniforms? Yup. Local businesses made that happen. The lady hawking sausage at an Oktoberfest booth so your kid gets a scholarship to college?  She owns a small business. The man setting out parking signs for Homer  Davenport and the stores giving your little ones a safe place to show off costumes and get treat during the Goblin Walk? They all do this because they care about and invest in the community they live and do business in. We need to care about them, as well.  November 30th is National Small Business Saturday and succeeds the chaotic Black Friday. Shop local. Invest local. 

Check out Silverton-Mt. Angel Shop Hop

Shoppers pick up a passport at participating shops & restaurants and between November 29 & December 17 visit a minimum number of businesses to have their passport stamped to qualify for the drawings.

Shop Local; Invest Local in Real Estate

Shop Local Properties for Sale

When it comes time to make a move contact us; your local real estate experts with 3 offices ready to serve you for all your real estate needs. “At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we want to be a warm fire on a cold winter day and are here to serve you throughout the Willamette Valley. We are “Simply the BEST! “ Contact Us

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MOMMY AND MADDI’S; It’s a Match!

As we began closing in on our newer Keizer location, our thoughts naturally turned to coffee and food. Perhaps in that order, because all things and all roads at the beginning of each new day go through coffee. We came upon this adorable and charming home (we are real estate agents, so we immediately recognize adorable and charming homes!) fashioned into a coffee shop, Mommy and Maddi’s.

The 1914 Building is like Gramma’s Kitchen

We walked in and were immediately tantalized by the incredible blended aroma of baked goods, breakfast cooking and coffee brewing. It was laid out efficiently, attractively, and built for customer comfort. Need a quiet little table for two? Got it. Table for eight to seal the business deal?   Check. Private business luncheon for 12 upstairs? You’re covered. Here is what we loved. The service was courteous, warm, inviting, quick, and unobtrusive.

The food was delicious, hot, reasonably priced, and attractively presented, with attention carefully paid to each patron’s pace; 35 minutes for the business diners on an hour lunch, leisurely for those cute first-time daters, or relaxed for the hilarious party of six who graduated during the Eisenhower administration. 

Probably best known for their cinnamon rolls and omelets, Mommy and Maddi’s has a great selection. If you are looking for coffee drinks, breakfast for the hearty, light or toddler appetites, or an attractive lunch menu; there is literally something for everyone. Comfortable too, like a warm sweater and crackling fire on a chilly winter day. 

In Opening Our Third Office Early This Year…

We were pleased to be welcomed by the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, some wonderful businesses and friends, and a bunch of customers eager to try or repeat using our award-winning brand of service. It had to start with great coffee and comfort food. Mommy and Maddi’s fit the bill and easily affirmed our decision that Keizer was going to work out just fine!  Check out Mommy and Maddi’s Menu for planning your next visit at 765 River Road North Keizer, OR 97303. Call – 503-363-9000.

The next time you are looking to buy or sell real estate give us a call…’s on us!


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Spin Me A Yarn

Friday was National Scarf Day and it goes without saying that we can celebrate that one all season long. With that cold air that has come charging in on us we will definitely need some warm and cozy yarn in our lives!

Weather you wrap up with a warm blanket, where a scarf around your neck, or pull on some leg warmers….chances are at some point you are gonna use some soft, fluffy yarn. The good news, if you are crafty, is that we have a top notch yarn store right here in town!

Apples To Oranges right here in Silverton provides all the yarn your heart could ever want. From the simplest to the most extravagant blends, you can find it here. Don’t know how to knit or crochet? They have classes for that! Sit with experienced knitters and crocheters and get creative! Check out their website below and don’t miss this Silverton treasure!

Apples To Oranges

Laurie Armstrong Carter is the owner of Apples to Oranges-

“There are several reasons for the name of the shop: a play on Alpha to Omega, a reference to Laurie’s love of fruit! the process where yarn is changed from one form to another, the fact that our shop is not just a yarn shop: we also sell Department 56 villages, Sunsout puzzles, locally made ceramic knitting bowls, and candles flavored with local wine scents; and lastly, comparing our shop to others is like comparing apples to oranges!”

We know it is going to be cold out there this year, so snuggle up and stay warm with something from Apples to Oranges! If you need a new place to snuggle up this year, we can help you find just the right home. Click our link below and you can start shopping right away!

Property Search

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National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

Could there be a more appropriate day to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day than Friday?!! Friday night and pizza are match made in heaven! Tonight take a break from your crazy week and have a pizza night!

Silverton is full of fabulous food, but did you know that Home Place has a drive through window? Home Place pizza is hard to beat and with the drive up you don’t even have to get out of the car! Home place Restaurant has been a Silverton fixture since 1978! Check out their web page and get your pizza ordered!

Home Place Restaurant

Home Place Restaurant offers a whole lot more than pizza with excellent down home cooking and a huge dining room! They also have a full bar and a banquet room available for reservation. This home town treasure is a community favorite that has stood the test of time and still serves some of the best!

Loving our community is one of the easiest things we do thanks to this amazing little town!

If TGIF has you thinking about the weekend and getting some chores done before Fall sets in, let us help you out. We have an outstanding Home Care Page full of our Preferred Service Providers. We know it is hard to navigate the waters of home repair and contractors. These providers are people we use regularly and trust. They will get you taken care of and get your home ready for the next season! Check it out!

Home Care Page

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Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice

It is that time of year and we are all craving that famous apple cider, and pumpkin spiced everything! With the weather turning so abruptly and the rain in full swing, we wanted to find the best taste of fall to drink locally.

We have so many amazing businesses in our area that strive to serve local flavor and hometown products. Here are some of the best around and what their seasonal special are.

Live Local Cafe, one of the local hot spots has started serving Bauman’s Apple Cider served spiced or with caramel and of course all things pumpkin spice. Keep your eye open for those yummy crepes to show up in all the fall flavors as well! Here is a link to Live Local and of course Bauman’s Farm!

Live Local Cafe

Bauman Farm

If you are looking for hard cider fresh on tap then you have to visit 1859 Cider Co. of Salem. This little treasure serves up some of the finest ciders around with unique and classy atmosphere to enjoy them. You can often catch live music on the weekend making this a must on the fall drink list. The seasonal special on tap now is South Coast Cranberry. Check it out!

1859 Cider Co.

E. Z. Orchards is a local fixture that makes this time of year magical! From their amazing doughnuts to fresh seasonal produce and annual festivities they are the full package. Did you know they have their very own hard Cider? It is a must try for sure! Check it out and don’t miss out of this fun time of year with E. Z. Orchards!

E. Z. Orchards

The season may be changing but the housing market is still hot! Let us prepare a Free Home Value Report on your home and check out what your home value is the season!

Free Home Value Report

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Drive-Thru Dutch!

Wednesday, July 24th is National Drive-Thru Day, and around here that makes you want to visit the local Dutch Bros! No one can deny that they have the busiest, most enthusiastic drive thru in town! With their service oriented style and energetic young people they master that busy parking lot and get us our beverages and smiles right on target!

Great job Silverton Dutch Bros! You guys rock the drive-thru! Check out their website to see what is brewing!

Dutch Bros

If you are a seller getting your home ready to list and find yourself needing some extra energy, run on down to Dutch Bros and get your boost! To really give yourself a rest visit our Home Care page below and let some of our local, trusted contractors get some of the heavy lifting done for you! Check it out!

Home Care Page

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Blueberries and Ice Cream!

July is National Blueberry and National Ice Cream Month! You couldn’t pick a better place than the Willamette Valley and Oregon to celebrate both of these fabulous products!

Blueberries are literally everywhere in the valley and can be found in a variety of locations! You pick, we pick, farm stands and farm stores are full of these amazing berries right now! BST agent Mary Cam actually walked in with a fresh picked bucket of blueberries a moment ago!

Willamette Valley Pie Company is a favorite spot for fresh, frozen and baked to perfections berries! Their retail store is a delightful spot to visit for a taste of the valley….literally! Have a fresh slice of pie or pick up some of their famous frozen pies to have for your next event! Click the link below to their website and visit their store soon for an amazing Willamette Valley experience!

Willamette Valley Pie Company


I know you want ice cream with that pie! The good news is that the valley and surrounding areas also boast some fresh creameries to give you some fresh to death ice cream made right here at home.

Umpqua Dairy produces some fabulous flavors you can find right in your grocers freezer and take home tonight! Have it with your pie or top it with some fresh local blueberries!

Umpqua Dairy


If you feel like making your way over to the coast don’t miss the chance to visit Tillamook Cheese Factory! This is a must stop for coastal trips! The first thing that greets you when you walk in is the smell of fresh waffle cones and about a billion flavors of ice cream and you are hooked! You can also buy Tillamook Ice Cream locally in your grocers freezer!

Tillamook Cheese Factory


We are Oregon proud and cannot get enough of what this beautiful valley has to offer! That is why we support local farmers and dairies and all the yummy that they bring to life!

Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC is a locally owned and operated part of Willamette Valley small business community and we are passionate about personal service and excellence! If you have real estate needs let the “BEST” in the business work for you! Check out our fabulous agents below!

BST Agents!


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Roth’s, an Iconic Silverton Institution!

When you think of things iconic to Silverton, images of Boedies Drive Through, A & W  root beer floats, Homer Davenport Days and “Red Devil Hill” go through your mind. There are few businesses native to Silverton that have passed the test of time and still stand proudly serving their community like Roth’s Fresh Market. Orville Roth carved his brand into Silverton long ago and now it stands as a reminder of who he was and how he cared for his town. Most of us donned a green tie and apron at some point in our life and learned about work ethic and service.

Roth’s in Silverton holds a certain magic hard to find in other grocery stores. The detail oriented service started by Orville and instilled in his employees even today are a testament to his vision for Silverton. Visiting Roth’s feels like something between a farmer’s market, a gourmet grocery, and a coffee shop where you can shoot the breeze and catch up on news about town. Yes, you will get your shopping done, but you will also go wine tasting, find some local organic soaps, buy a last minute gift, and get a hard to beat burger fresh off the grill. Roth’s is a true gem to our community and one that I hope will last forever!

Roth’s was founded by Herman C. Jochimsen and Orville N. Roth on August 5th, 1962. They opened their first store right here in Silverton, Oregon. Though Roth’s offers all the modern conveniences, the spirit of the past and true service still remain the heartbeat and the atmosphere.

Roth’s Fresh Market


We love are community and we love Roth’s! If you would like to find out more about Silverton or the surrounding areas and how to make this your hometown, give us a call or stop by one of our offices and we would happy to chat with you and answer your questions.

BST Agents!


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Food Co-op kinda thing!

Local Farms. Sustainably Grown. Healthy Food. Accessible to All.

That is the what the Silverton Food Co-op is all about.

With a dream to be open by 2020 the co-op is quickly gaining momentum in our community. Being in the middle of an agricultural area like the Willamette Valley and being a community that truly values it’s people and resources it just makes sense to have a food co-op. Silverton has had a love for farm to table living for a while and there are several restaurants in town that strive to provide this.

Becoming an owner is easy and affordable. There are over 500 members right now and the goal to get to 700 members is just around the corner. The benefits to members are many but the primary goal is to provide healthy local products to the community while keeping revenue where we live. Here is the link to the Co-op website for more information on membership and what it means to be a co-op.

Silverton Food Co-op

Here at BST we really value our community and believe in programs that sustain a local lifestyle. We believe and want to shop local, work local and live local.

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