Hitting the Trail

Fall is showing off its beautiful colors and signaling a transition into the colder winter soon to come. In the Willamette Valley, we aren’t strangers to the changes of the seasons. And, like real estate, there will always be ebbs and flows with how the market goes. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced seller, it’s never too late to start up a plan with us. At BST Realty LLC, we are experts in the field and will help you strategize. Hitting the trail and achieving your real estate goals is our specialty. And, quite honestly, it’s our honor to serve you.

The inventory is sometimes a bit slimmer in winter. However, that doesn’t mean that it may not work out to your advantage. If you’re a buyer, there may be fewer people looking for a home, and that means less competition when it comes to offers. If you’re a seller, you may also get more of a chance to shine, since there may be fewer homes on the market. Many homes go on the market in spring and summer. It can be for many factors, like it being easier when school is out for summer. Although, the colder months may offer you a diamond in the rough for possibilities with your home dreams.

At BST Realty LLC, we have a talented team of agents. Each agent offers a unique set of qualities to best serve you. We support one another as a team, and this tight-knit group offers a collective knowledge that is hard to beat. If you’re thinking about buying or selling during the fall and winter months, let’s talk. The same goes for if you’re thinking about the future. Whether it be this week or a few years, we are here to help you plan out and strategize to reach your real estate goals.

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Strangely Famous

Have you seen the occasional movie production while taking a hike down your favorite trail in the woods? It’s funny to think that the pristine forest you wander about could also be the stuff of Hollywood productions. Although, the temperate rain forest of the Willamette Valley brings with it wonder and mystery. So, perhaps it does make sense that it’s strangely famous. Silver Falls State Park is a place where you may see the occasional film crew. It’s odd to see trailers and cars with a camera mounted to the top of them. But, that’s the life of cinema.

strangely famous

Right now, filming is happening in the backcountry horse trail. It’s possibly a murder mystery. There is a crane, possibly to film the aerial shots. This area is notorious for filming. You may have remembered the series Twilight filmed there years back. With the sometimes foreboding fog of winter rolling it, it makes for the perfect set. Just in time for the spookiness of Halloween as well. Speaking of Halloween, the Goblin Walk is coming up! And, we are having our annual photo contest for best costume! Bring on your most creative and ghoulish costumes. We can’t wait to see you while you’re trick-or-treating this year! The winner receives a mini-photo shoot with the talented Maddy Traver.

The Willamette Valley has so much to offer in all seasons. And with the chills of winter edging in, it ushers in Halloween and that crispness that brings out the greens of the forest like you’ve never seen. It may also signal a time to get cozy and chill with your favorite cup of hot cocoa. Or, it may mean that the trails are less traveled, so there’s a chance to take some solo walks and enjoy nature by yourself. Either way, there are so many lovely signals nature gives us, to let us know the seasons are changing. Those signals are so precious, that even Hollywood wants to give it its 15 minutes of fame.

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Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge

In Oregon, we have the pleasure of having so many different places to experience nature. Near Salem, the Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge is just another one to add to the list. It’s great for birders who want to catch a glimpse of the Canada Goose and other migratory birds. It’s also a somewhat easy and moderate area to hike. So, families or others who like to stop and smell the…wildflowers may also enjoy it. At BST Realty LLC, we love introducing our clients to all the many wonders that Oregon has to offer.

It makes sense that a lot of people choose their home in Oregon. In the Willamette Valley, there are so many perks and beautiful places to visit. You have the coast that is just over the mountain ridge or the temperate rain forest. Not only that but the wetland areas that old oak trees inhabit. Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge has more of a plains feel with wetlands and deciduous trees mixed in. If you’re new to the wildlife scene, then that’s fine. It also has educational and interpretative signs to help you explore the environment even more. You’ll also learn that a refuge is a place to quietly observe the wildlife rather than be front and center. It’s a place to just be. And, ways of giving back and supporting the wildlife refuge.

At BST Realty LLC, we love supporting our community and also appreciate all that Oregon has to offer. That also comes to all the different homes that are out there. Our agents are experts of the Willamette Valley and beyond. Each agent offers a special and unique perspective to help their clients get to where they want to be. However you may be starting the journey, we are here to help you at every point. Even if it means doing a couple of switchbacks uphill to get to that great view you’ve been wanting and dreaming about. Give us a call, and let’s start this journey together!

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Minto-Brown Island Park

Minto-Brown Island Park is an oldie but goodie. It’s a little gem in Salem that offers so many things to do! Whether you’re an avid dog walker or love the amazing wildlife sanctuary that it is, there is a lot to choose from. If you’re looking to have a celebration outside, there is also a park shelter available for reservation! In the last decade, the brilliant bridge that arches over the Willamette River is also something to experience. Nearby there is also Salem’s Riverfront Carousel that children and adults that are kids at heart can enjoy.

Minto-Brown Island Park

It can be a park that offers solace or a place that you can socialize with friends. In fact, there are so many other wonderful outdoor places to visit in the Willamette Valley, too. Perhaps you’d like to go north and visit the Willamette Mission State Park. Another favorite is Silver Falls State Park where you can marvel at many waterfalls along the trail. Yet another is Scotts Mills Park, where you enjoy the water with a little fewer people around. If you’re into preserving these places, there are plenty of ways to volunteer, too. Like, volunteering to do trail maintenance from time to time. Giving back to something you may use frequently throughout the year is a great way to show your appreciation.

Think of these parks as an extension of where we live. We are so lucky to have all this access to nature. At BST Realty LLC, we love what the Willamette Valley has to offer and supporting our community. We offer simply the best service to our clients because we truly enjoy helping people with the milestones in their lives. If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, we’re here for you at every point in your journey. We will advocate for your needs and work hard to make sure you achieve your real estate goals.

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Visit Willamette Mission State Park

The Willamette Valley has so much to offer when it comes to the outdoors! Willamette Mission State Park is a great place to visit. It’s just north of Keizer in Gervais. There are scenic trails and access to the water for even more recreation. People even like to bring their horses around. And, if you like throwing a round of disc golf, this could be your new place. Rather than conifers, the park is full of deciduous trees, which can be a grand sight when it comes to the changing fall leaves. Visit Willamette Mission State Park, and see what you’ve been missing!

Visit Willamette Mission State Park

The nature preserve has many tree species, including the largest black cottonwood that’s 270 years old and counting. When it comes to the water, if you fish, this may be the place you’d like to sit for a while. It’s a peaceful setting that where you may be able to catch some bluegill or carp. If you’re looking to take the boat out for some speed, then there’s also a boat launch. If you’re more interested in staying awhile, then there’s also camping! This includes your more traditional camping as well as camping for if you have horses.

Of course, there are many other sights to be had in the Willamette Valley. But, now you know another one you may be able to visit next time around. At BST Realty LLC, we love being able to celebrate the Willamette Valley in any way we can. And, we also enjoy sharing our in-depth knowledge of it with our clients, so they can make the most informed decisions. After all, there is so much out there, and it’s good to have an expert guide to help navigate the real estate journey ahead. If you’re thinking about exploring more when it comes to buying or selling, we are here to support you. Let’s talk, and get started on this journey together.

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Simply the Best Guide

When you’re somewhere completely new, it may be a bit overwhelming. Picture that you’re in the forest, a place you haven’t gone before. You may think to yourself…are there bears around the corner? Now, picture going to a trailhead you frequent, you’re not as uncertain as to what is around the bend. You’re more comfortable, and perhaps there are even some favorite parts to the trail you look forward to, and maybe you even take it faster sometimes to shake things up a bit. New things can sometimes feel scary. When it comes to real estate, some people feel the same way when they’re new to the game. It’s okay, you have simply the best guide on your side when you’re with us.

simply the best guide

Your Home Pathway

At BST Realty LLC, we are here to make sure you know where all the bumps in the road and wonderful spring waters are located. We want to make sure you have a pleasant journey and get to where you want to be. Think of us as a trail guide. We’ve been down this type of path before, and we know what to look out for and what supplies to bring. For example, if you’re a first-time home buyer, we can be a resource to you for connecting you with lenders, contractors, and much more. We love being helpful, and a big part of our job is to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.

If you’re a seller, perhaps you want a broker who truly understands the value of your home and how to best make it shine. If don’t want to feel stuck in the woods, have no fear, we are here to help guide you! Our agents are also expert negotiators. We are here to help advocate for you in simply the best possible way. Because, at the end of the day, we just love helping people.

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Beat the Heat

It has become mighty hot out there. In the Willamette Valley, we’ve got some pretty great recreation spots to choose from to try and beat the heat. If you’re looking for a good swimming hole, then look no further than Coolidge McClain Park in Silverton. There are even some handy life vests to help you stay afloat while you’re cooling off. Of course, there are many more places like the wonderful Keizer Rapids Park where you can take your boat out and enjoy the water. At BST Team Realty LLC, we love helping clients figure out where they want to be, and we are experts at knowing what the Willamette Valley has to offer and beyond.

beat the heat
Coolidge McClain Park in Silverton

Silver Falls State Park is a good place to visit, too. It’s a higher elevation, which usually means it is a bit cooler than other areas. And, of course, there’s the chance of getting some of that lovely waterfall spray to cool you off. It can sometimes get busy, so you can also hit the backcountry horse trail. It doesn’t have waterfalls, but it is quite serene, and you may even see some majestic horses moseying about the trail. You can also explore even further out to Butte Creek Falls. This is a place of even more serenity and solace that’s a jaunt from Scotts Mills. When it comes to the Willamette Valley, there are so many things to do!

If you’d like to cool off with a brew, then Silver Falls Brewery in Silverton or Gilgamesh Brewing in Salem may be places you want to check out. If you’re thinking ice cream is more up your alley, then the Silverton Coffee Station may have what you’re looking for. There are many ways to beat the heat! At BST Realty LLC, we are so thankful for our local community. Being a local business ourselves, we love supporting one another. And, when our clients flourish, we flourish. If you’re in the market of buying or selling real estate, we will do our very best to serve you!

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Your Best Reflection

It’s been an interesting year, and the world keeps on changing along with the real estate market. Since that’s the case, it makes it that much more important to get the support you need from your real estate broker. It’s good to take some time to reflect on not only how the world may have changed a bit, but how your lifestyle has as well. Perhaps you find yourself working at home more, and you’d like a dedicated office space. Or, maybe your family situation has changed, and you’re looking for a smaller or bigger home to accommodate your needs. Either way, we are here to listen and guide you at every step in the real estate journey. Take some time to have your best reflection of yourself, and see what you find. We’ll help you achieve your goals to get you where you want to be.

Sometimes it’s tough to reflect. Because we get caught up in the “busyness” of the world. However, when you take that moment, you may begin to realize something. You may actually begin listening to yourself rather than others. And, it’s most important to make sure whatever pathway you are choosing, it’s the one for you. After all, we are most fulfilled when we can be most ourselves. At BST Realty LLC, we are here to make sure that your wants and needs are heard, so that way we can better guide and support you. In the end, it will be you residing in your home, so think about what that would look like. Do you like to entertain? Do you like solace with a good book for hours? Or, perhaps both.

We get that lifestyles change because life is change. And, we will get the information and resources you need in order to make the most informed decision. It’s actually a win-win for all. We absolutely adore it when our clients flourish, because that means we do, too. Give us a call, and let’s take some time to reflect upon what your dream home make look like.

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Save Money On Your Water Bill

Landscaping can be an important piece of any property. It’s a way to express oneself to the neighborhood. Maybe you’re into organic gardening and have some raised beds out front. Or, perhaps you’re thinking less maintenance and have planted some drought-tolerant and native plants. Either way, it’s a fun way to personalize your home. If you’re also curious about how to save money on your water bill and live more sustainably, here are a few tricks that you may want to try. Especially when the days get a bit hotter in summer, saving money on water is a plus.

Save Money On Your Water Bill
What type of landscape are you thinking about for your home?

If you’re thinking about raised beds, then putting in a timed drip line is a good way to make sure that less water is wasted and save money. It may not only save more money on your water bill but also the time it takes to water. Perhaps you’ve thought about your lawn and think you want a change. A nice solution would be to plant drought-tolerant plants. These are plants that don’t need as much water throughout the year. There are so many local nurseries around to choose from, too. It’s best to check what their inventory is like first, to see if they can guide you in the right direction. It’s also best to make sure due to COVID restrictions when their open hours are to the public. Sometimes these things change from week to week.

Finding a home that checks all the boxes is essential. Whether it’s finding a home that has the perfect landscape or the potential of having one that you love. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, we are here to help you at every step of the journey. When all the flowers are out and spring just keeps on greeting us with its amazingness, it’s a great time to sell or buy a home. Give us a call, and let’s get started!

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Your Home Pathway This Spring

Signs of spring are all around. In the Willamette Valley, you can begin to experience the wonderfully delicate Trillium plant blooming among the ferns and clovers beginning to emerge. This may signal to us the need for starting anew and being more open to possibilities. When it comes to buying or selling a home, it may feel a bit overwhelming at first. At BST Realty LLC, we are here to help alleviate any stresses you may have. That way, your experience is more enjoyable. Especially, when it comes to something as important as a home. Let’s figure out your home pathway this spring!

Your Home Pathway This Spring
Spring is a time to open up to possibilities in homeownership! Just like this lovely Trillium greeting you on the trail.

Simply the Best Service

At BST Realty LLC, we have experienced agents who are ready to serve you. We provide simply the best service for your and your family. When it comes to being a Buyer, that may mean connecting you with the resources you may need to determine what type of home is best suitable for your budget. If you’re a Seller, that may mean connecting you with resources that will showcase your home’s unique features. The world of real estate may feel complex, but that’s why we are here to help make it more enjoyable. That way, you may focus on other matters like determining if the style of home is right for you, job responsibilities, and more.

We are here for the long run. We believe in maintaining long-lasting relationships. That’s because we value our community. When our clients flourish, we flourish. And we are here to help support you at every point in your homeownership pathway. Whether you’re thinking about buying or selling, let’s talk. Let’s explore what is possible for you and your family. From there, we can devise a plan that best suits your wants and needs, and checks all the boxes. Give us a call, and let’s make your real estate dreams a reality!

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