National Back To School Month!

The time has come to start getting those little ones back to school ready! With all the summer fun still going on it is hard to focus on school supplies and class schedules. But, ready or not here it comes!

We know it can be overwhelming this time of year to get it all done before it starts. We wanted to make a few shortcuts to get you going! Here are some links to local schools districts to get you those class supply lists!

Silverfalls School District Salem/Keizer School District Woodburn School District

We believe every child deserves to feel prepared for their first day of school. We proudly participated in Silverton Together’s school supply drive. If you or someone you know is in need this season check out the link below to make sure all the kiddos have what they need!

Salem Kroc Center

Weather you shop online, brave the crowd or wait till the last minute, we wish you smooth supply shopping this year!

We know that location is everything when it comes to shopping for your next home! We can do detailed searches tailored to your needs and find homes in the district you want to be in! Let us do the research and get you started today on the journey to your dream home! Contact one of our amazing agents and let’s chat about your dreams!

BST Agents!

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Snack Time Recipes!

We got your back to school snack recipes covered!

We all need a snack now and again but this time of year they are really important. Our kiddos returning to school need to be well equipped and have their brains well fed! Here is to a successful new school year!

These are fabulous, real food snack ideas that kids and adults will eat up! Let’s get creative this fall and have fun with food!¬†We hope these snacks keep you going and give you energy for life! We can all use a little pick me up throughout the day and these healthy versions of crowd favorites will do the trick!

If you are needing to buy or sell property this fall, let us take a load off of your busy life and make the transition painless! We have agents that have experience in all areas of real estate and they will get started for you right away! Click the link to meet our team!

BST Agents!

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Back to School Time!

School Time!

Summer is coming to an end and fall is nearly here! We can feel it in the crisp morning air and earlier dusk. Our thoughts are beginning to turn to the next season and all that it may bring. Maybe you can relate to this fabulous video!

It is time to go back to School! What ever that means to you we wish you all the best for the 2018/2019 year! May visions of glue sticks and pencils dance through your head and may all your Scientific Calculator needs be met. We hope this year is filled with growth, learning and new adventures for all! Here is a link to several district websites for easy info!


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All Things Silverton

Check Out Our New Silverton Oregon Resource Page!

Bledsoe Santana Team Realy LLC; Your Resource now and after the sale!

We are excited about our new resource page; “All Things Silverton”, where you will find information at your fingertips on local events, schools, restaurants, shopping, and well….just about everything Silverton! Be sure to check back often as we continue to expand the page and regularly update it to provide you with the most accurate information available. We have included links and videos to make searching easy and a “one stop” experience.

Here is a sneak peak! Don’t forget to check in regularly to see what’s new in Silverton!

Silverton Oregon Resource Page
Silverton Oregon Resource Page


Looking to make a change? Try our easy to use MOBILE APP that will GPS your location and give you accurate information on the properties available around you, or enter your criteria to run a larger search and save the ones you like to your Favorites folder to come back to them later. Then, give us a call! We are ready to serve you locally and throughout the Willamette Valley.

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