Buying or Selling on the Coast

At BST Realty LLC, we have agents that in-depth knowledge of what the Willamette Valley has to offer. But, did you know we also have agents who can help you out if you’re thinking about buying or selling on the coast? That’s right, we may have offices in Keizer and Silverton, and we are also able to help you with your real estate dreams in so many places! From the lush greens of the valley to the cool blues of the coast, whatever color palette you’re thinking about, we are here to make sure you get there!

Perhaps you’re thinking the mountains of the Willamette Valley are more your style. Or, maybe the ocean is calling your name. At BST Realty LLC, we’ve got you covered. No matter your lifestyle, we will listen carefully to make sure you’re on the pathway to your real estate goals. This may mean a cabin on the outskirts of Sublimity, or perhaps a home in McMinnville that’s close to your favorite wineries. It would be right in the heart of Salem, or a beach bungalow in adorable Manzanita. Whatever your preferences are, we will provide simply the best service to get you to where you want to be.

Imagine waking up with the waves greeting you at your window, or being able to take a short jaunt to get your favorite cup of coffee downtown. We get that each person has their own way they want to live life, and that’s beautiful. Oregon has so much to offer, and we’re here to help you navigate the real estate process. Our agents come from a variety of backgrounds and are experts of the Willamette Valley and beyond. Are you ready to begin exploring what it may look like? Let’s get started on this amazing journey together!

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Our Ultimate Goal

Where the road takes you in real estate may be a bit uncertain, but that’s okay. We are here to help you figure out the best way to navigate through the entire process. It’s actually still about the journey rather than the destination. Because the journey usually determines where you end up. Our agents are experts at understanding the terrain when it comes to real estate. Sometimes there may be a bumpy road, but we’re here to make it more smooth. We are here to help alleviate any kind of stress you may be feeling. Because our ultimate goal is to help people achieve their real estate dreams.

Our Ultimate Goal
Let’s see where the road takes us! We’ll be there to support you at every point in your real estate journey.

Think of us as an advocate and a cheerleader all in one. Our agents are fierce negotiators. At BST Realty LLC, we listen deeply to what you have to say because your values and goals are important. We want to make sure that we’re providing simply the best service to get you to where you want to be. In fact, we won Best Real Estate Company in the Willamette Valley for 2021. So, of course, must continue upholding that type of quality service. As far as the cheerleader role is concerned, we also love to celebrate wins with our clients! It’s lovely when all the pieces come together, and our clients are happy. Because, after all, when our clients flourish, we do, too.

Even though summer is winding down a bit, it’s always a good time to explore possibilities in real estate. Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller, there are great resources we can connect you with. It’s also a good time to make a plan for what the future may look like. Perhaps that means getting a lender or determining the value of your home. Or, perhaps you’re ready to make the leap because now’s the time! Either way, we will do simply our best in helping you achieve your real estate goals and make them a reality! Give us a call, and let’s get started on this journey together.

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Simply the Best Guide

When you’re somewhere completely new, it may be a bit overwhelming. Picture that you’re in the forest, a place you haven’t gone before. You may think to yourself…are there bears around the corner? Now, picture going to a trailhead you frequent, you’re not as uncertain as to what is around the bend. You’re more comfortable, and perhaps there are even some favorite parts to the trail you look forward to, and maybe you even take it faster sometimes to shake things up a bit. New things can sometimes feel scary. When it comes to real estate, some people feel the same way when they’re new to the game. It’s okay, you have simply the best guide on your side when you’re with us.

simply the best guide

Your Home Pathway

At BST Realty LLC, we are here to make sure you know where all the bumps in the road and wonderful spring waters are located. We want to make sure you have a pleasant journey and get to where you want to be. Think of us as a trail guide. We’ve been down this type of path before, and we know what to look out for and what supplies to bring. For example, if you’re a first-time home buyer, we can be a resource to you for connecting you with lenders, contractors, and much more. We love being helpful, and a big part of our job is to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.

If you’re a seller, perhaps you want a broker who truly understands the value of your home and how to best make it shine. If don’t want to feel stuck in the woods, have no fear, we are here to help guide you! Our agents are also expert negotiators. We are here to help advocate for you in simply the best possible way. Because, at the end of the day, we just love helping people.

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Wondrous Views

If you’re a first time Home Buyer, the thought of buying a home may seem mind-boggling. It may feel like making the first step to climbing a mountain. At BST Realty LLC, we are here to help make your experience as smooth as possible. We get that our clients may need a bit of education when it comes to buying a home, especially your first home. We also understand that making the decision to buy a home is a big. It’s life-changing. And, we’re here to help you make the change you’ve been thinking about with your family. It doesn’t have to seem like trudging up a mountain, but my…you may have wondrous views once you reach your goal.

Crater Lake, one of the many great views that Oregon has to offer.

Taking the First Step

Perhaps you have been renting for a while, and you realize you’d rather put your money in a mortgage rather than toward rent every month. Maybe you and your partner have been saving up a bit, so that way you have enough to make a down payment. Whatever the reason is, we’re here to support you. Anything that’s your first time can feel a bit intimidating at first. It’s because things seem a bit more uncertain because you don’t know what to expect. We are here to make the steps to buying a home have more clarity. We are here to make sure you aware of each step.

From making an offer to closing on a home, each step can be exciting. There are many ways to make the offer the best of the bunch. And, right now, we are experiencing lots of times where multiple offers are being made on homes. Don’t let that get you down though. We are experienced at making offers that will put yours at the top, and also keep your needs and wants at the top, too. If you’re thinking of buying your first home, we’d love to talk. We are here to support you at every point in the journey and get to those wondrous views you have been waiting for. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime experience, and we are honored to be a part of it.

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Horseback Riding

As the days get colder, the forest gets greener. Sometimes it’s the perfect time to go on a hike when you need a little solace from your day to day routine. Because, there are just less people out on the trail. Other times, it may be a great day to take a horse on the trail and go horseback riding. If you don’t know, Silver Fall State Park has some great horse trails. Whether you’re a hiker or a horseback rider, it’s fun to see these wonderfully beautiful creatures out on the trail.

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding on the trail at Silver Fall State Park

Getting back in the Saddle

Did you grow up on a farm as a kid? Are you thinking about getting back in the saddle as it were? Fond memories of getting your saddle ready and moseying about on the farm with your pony may be popping into your mind. Or, perhaps you had a lesson or two in the past. Maybe you’d like that feeling of working with horses in the outdoors again. Then, Silver Falls Lodge offers just the thing. They offer guided horseback rides from late spring to early autumn. You may also be thinking now’s the time to get more serious, then the Whitewind Farm in Mount Angel may be a place for you to check-out. It provides riding lessons, boarding, and much more.

Hitting the Trail

In the Willamette Valley, there are so many choices out there to explore. Our job is to make sure you get what you’re asking for, and that the journey there is smooth and as enjoyable as possible. A bit like taking a horse out on the trail. At first, it may be a bit intimidating, maybe because you haven’t ridden for a while. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are here to smooth out the bumps in the road, so that way you can enjoy the ride. So, give us a ring, and let’s start the real estate journey together.

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Veterans Day

We have great appreciation and respect for our veterans. If you notice flags hanging high today, it’s because it’s Veterans Day. Today, we think about our loved ones who have served so that we may live more freely. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we also have agents who are veterans, and we are thankful and proud to have them on our team.

A mural in Silverton showing appreciation for the Veteran.

We also think about those veterans who have given their lives so we may live a more fruitful life, and for their families and the veterans who must continue on. During this day, we send love to those families and veterans. If you know someone who is a veteran, it’s a great time to pick up the phone and let them know how thankful you are that they served. Just a small thank you can go a long way, and you may also learn a thing or two about history…and more importantly, the history of our nation.

At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. This program is designed to help people like our honored veterans save money on buying or selling a home. If you are in the active military or a veteran, you may qualify for this program. Please contact us, so that we may better serve you in your real estate journey. It’s the least we could do for all of the sacrifices you made to serve ensure our freedom in this beautiful country.

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Meet Jenna Robles

Meet Jenna Robles! Jenna is one of our outstanding principal brokers. She is an integral team player at BST Realty, LLC, and is also a reviewing principal broker and rental manager with us. We truly appreciate her leadership. When Jenna isn’t working, she loves spending time with her family in the pumpkin patch. Especially for the fall season. During this time she’ll take her daughter outdoors to go hiking and explore other wondrous areas of the Willamette Valley…including the visiting adorable horses. Even when it’s raining, she enjoys going puddle jumping with the kiddo. It’s Oregon after all! Jenna brings her customer service background, expertise with fixer-uppers and new construction, and overall fantastic people skills to best serve her clients.

Meet Jenna Robles
Jenna and her adorable family! – Photo credit Holly Jaynes with Think Good Things Photography

Oregonian Expert at Fixer-Uppers

Jenna grew up in Woodburn, and was brought up with a dad who specializes in custom cabinetry. He would take her along to different projects he was working on, whether it be already built homes or new construction. This is how she began to get inspired by all the possibilities a home could offer, especially with fixer-uppers. She actually helped her parents sell their home before becoming a real estate agent. At the open house she was holding for them, another broker was trying to recruit her. So, even in the very beginning, Jenna was demonstrating skills in real estate that was being noticed and sought after by the real estate community.

Jenna is also a people person and owes that to her career in customer service. She went from being a vet tech to real estate, because it seemed to be more aligned with her life trajectory and real estate was always something she was interested in the first place. We are happy that she joined our team!

Truly Listens to Client Needs

Jenna is a great listener to her clients. She listens to what her clients truly want in a home and strives to find the best options for them. That also goes for sellers who may have specific needs. Jenna says, “it’s less about being a salesperson, and more about understanding what my clients’ needs and wants are…and being a great support system.” Jenna also loves paperwork. Yes, that’s right. She likes dealing with numbers, because she likes digging into the details. This means, that when it comes to real estate contracts, she’s got your covered.

Walking through the corn fields in the sunshine at Fir Point Farms in Aurora.

We are proud to have Jenna as a part of our ever-growing team! At BST Realty, LLC, we aim to serve our clients with the expertise that uniquely fits them and their needs. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, give us a call, and let’s navigate this process together to get to what you’re dreaming about!

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Giving Thanks

In the Willamette Valley, there’s a lot to be thankful for. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC, we are thankful for our outstanding team and community. Our agents come from diverse backgrounds and expertise, and we believe this makes us better able to serve you, our clients. Our community is so important to us. From supporting other local businesses to donating to causes we are passionate about, we believe in taking care of on another. Because, that’s what life is about – giving thanks and showing appreciation for all the gifts right in front of us.

Giving thanks
Having fun posing for photos at Goblin Walk in 2019.

The turning of the seasons and the holidays approaching also remind us to be thankful. One of the ways we show this is by being a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. This program helps out the courageous and essential workers out there that have kept us safe from the fires and helped us recover from what may ail us.

Butte Creek Falls, a wonder to behold.

We are stronger together, and we are so appreciative of our team and our clients. Giving thanks and showing appreciation is just a part of what we do, because we think it’s great to help others shine. If we help others shine and thrive, then that actually is helping out everyone in our community. So, if you’re out and about this week, take a moment. Take a deep breath in, and think about what you’re thankful for. It’s a great practice that we like to do here at Bledsoe Santana Team, LLC. It grounds us and makes us stronger. Here’s to raising up one another as a community.

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Treasure Hunt

The Willamette Valley is a precious place with lots of outdoorsy things to do, that’s why it’s called a wonderland. This includes one of the most treasured activities – mushroom hunting! As you may know, mushroom hunters don’t usually like to reveal their secret mushroom hunting spots. However, there’s lots of places everywhere you look to find mushrooms. Chanterelle season is almost over, but there will be more seasons right around the corner. And, a word to the wise, if you aren’t going mushroom hunting with an expert or aren’t 100% certain on identifying a mushroom, then just leave it be. The deer will thank you for it. Plus, you can take a photo to show off a new mushroom you’ve discovered, and maybe someone will tell you what they think! Either way, it’s like a treasure hunt.

Hint: This isn’t a chanterelle!

Your Gem

The hunt for something you desire is a bit like your home search. You may be excited about a particular type of home, and when you see it, you want it to be yours! At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are all about helping you hunt for your perfect Willamette Valley gem.

Our Agents Serve Your Unique Needs

We have outstanding agents from different backgrounds and expertise to fit your unique situation. And, finding a home that uniquely fits all your needs is our specialty. When it comes to selling a home, we also like make sure we’re satisfying your unique needs. The world is your oyster (ahem, oyster mushroom?). The point is, we are here to adapt and support you every step of the way with the real estate process.

Treasure Hunt
On the hunt!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect temperate rain forest climate for a home, or in a more bustling area, we are here to discover your perfect oasis. So, give us a ring, and let’s start the treasure hunt! Let’s explore all that the Willamette Valley has to offer you and your family.

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Your Personal Oasis

Your Oasis

Waterfalls are a huge part of the Willamette Valley. From Silver Falls to Shellburg, and all the gems in between, we are so thankful to be surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature. Silver Falls State Park is just a short jaunt from Silverton and the Salem area. Even though it’s rainy out, it could be one of the best times to go explore it. The greens become brighter, and you still have a chance to experience those big beautiful yellow leaves of the maple fall down to the ground. The Willamette Valley has so many things to offer. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are here to show you around to the home you’ve been dreaming about. We want to help you find your personal oasis.

Your personal oasis
Winter Falls in Silver Falls State Park

Our Approach + Homes for Heroes

We approach real estate with the strength and peace that a waterfall brings, and we aim to have the process as smooth as possible. That way, you can focus on the things that matter most and begin creating memories in your new home. Did you know that we are also an affiliate with the Homes for Heroes program? If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a program designed to support essential workers like firefighters, teachers, and more. We love supporting our community, and this is just one of the ways we say, “thank you,” for the important work that you do.

Your personal oasis
A path lined with ferns and the leaves of fall.

If you find yourself wandering about one of the many places that have waterfalls, just take a moment and be. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in the presence of a waterfall, and it’s just one of the many things we are thankful for in Willamette Valley. At Silver Falls State Park, Winter Falls is a mere dripping spring, and now you can see it in full form. Winter Falls is situated between North and South Falls. It’s a great little spot if you’d like to do a half loop around the park.

You may think of your home as your personal oasis, too. And, we’re here to help you get to that oasis. Give us a ring, and let’s have a conversation about what you’re envisioning for your future home.

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