Meet Kanysah Rogers

Meet Kanysah Rogers! Kanysah loves helping people and also having fun while doing so. If you’re in the market for buying or selling real estate, Kanysah will work hard for you to achieve your goals. She’s a fierce negotiator and goes 100% to bat for her clients. A bonus is she likes to keep it jovial and light-hearted with her clients, too. Kanysah takes her clients’ wants and needs seriously. And, makes the real estate journey as enjoyable as possible.

Kanysah felt a strong pull to become an agent with BST Realty LLC. From the testimonials she’d read to meeting the people, she knew that this was a place she wanted to be. Kanysah brought with her skills and knowledge in real estate also a background in the medical field and being a stay-at-home mom. In other words, Kanysah has always enjoyed taking care of people. She also loves being able to explore Oregon more with her clients and all the different homes that are out there. Some of the other reasons she also loves real estate is the flexibility it affords as well as her interest in the design and aesthetics of homes. In fact, she has a huge Pinterest page dedicated to homes!

We are so happy to have Kanysah with us at BST Realty LLC. She has been an amazing contributor and team player. When Kanysah isn’t doing real estate, she’s enjoying time with her family outdoors on dirt bikes and quads, or snowboarding at Mount Hood in the winter. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, Kanysah is there for her clients 100%. She’ll take your dreams and goals seriously, and you may have a couple of jokes to take with you, too. Give her a call, and get your real estate journey started!

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Simply the Best Guide

When you’re somewhere completely new, it may be a bit overwhelming. Picture that you’re in the forest, a place you haven’t gone before. You may think to yourself…are there bears around the corner? Now, picture going to a trailhead you frequent, you’re not as uncertain as to what is around the bend. You’re more comfortable, and perhaps there are even some favorite parts to the trail you look forward to, and maybe you even take it faster sometimes to shake things up a bit. New things can sometimes feel scary. When it comes to real estate, some people feel the same way when they’re new to the game. It’s okay, you have simply the best guide on your side when you’re with us.

simply the best guide

Your Home Pathway

At BST Realty LLC, we are here to make sure you know where all the bumps in the road and wonderful spring waters are located. We want to make sure you have a pleasant journey and get to where you want to be. Think of us as a trail guide. We’ve been down this type of path before, and we know what to look out for and what supplies to bring. For example, if you’re a first-time home buyer, we can be a resource to you for connecting you with lenders, contractors, and much more. We love being helpful, and a big part of our job is to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.

If you’re a seller, perhaps you want a broker who truly understands the value of your home and how to best make it shine. If don’t want to feel stuck in the woods, have no fear, we are here to help guide you! Our agents are also expert negotiators. We are here to help advocate for you in simply the best possible way. Because, at the end of the day, we just love helping people.

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Meet Kim Buslach

Meet Kim Buslach! Kim is one of our wonderful agents that is an expert at knowing what the Willamette Valley has to offer. She loves working with people and hearing their stories. This comes from being a travel agent and having expertise in project management. This means, she is good at organizing all the moving pieces, which is a valuable skill when it comes to the buying or selling of a home. Kim genuinely cares about what her clients’ needs and wants are and makes sure they achieve their real estate goals. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, Kim is a great person to call!

Meet Kim Buslach

Kim chose BST Realty LLC for many reasons. One of the biggest ones was that she thought she could truly be who she is. And, because of this, she is thriving and closing deals. If there’s a question she has, she is able to find the answer no problem. Our leadership team at BST Realty LLC is here to support our agents. Because, when they flourish, we all flourish. We are so happy that she chose us, and love the unique set of skills she brings. And, of course, this helps our clients get what they are wanting when it comes to a home.

Flexibility is a key aspect as to why Kim enjoys her work. She’s able to plan and prioritize the days the way she’d like. Outside of real estate, Kim loves to spend time with her 10 grandchildren and travel. With travel, she likes to visit tropical places and has some plans for Europe and Asia. A fun fact is that her dog is famous and starred in the Pup Academy! With all that Kim has to offer, she is a must-call! We are so happy to have her on our team. Contact Kim if you’d like to make your real estate dreams a reality!

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Simply the Best Team

At BST Realty LLC, we are a close-knit crew. We like to have fun together, and we also are there to support one another. That’s one of the many reasons why our agents love being a part of the team. There is mentorship, and a lot of the time friendship, too. From being on a dodge ball team to raise money for a high school event to handing out pies to clients, we love doing things that show our support and appreciation. We believe that the strength of our team is also reflected in the work that we do. In other words, simply the best team, and this shows in how we work with our clients and our community.

Simply the Best Team
We love working together and having fun!

Our Agents – Mentorship and Excellence

When our agents come on board, they are provided with one-on-one mentorship from our leadership team as well as group trainings to maximize success. Because, when one of us thrives, we all thrive. We also offer flexible plans that are available to fit their lifestyle and needs as well as a very supportive community environment. Not only that, but our cloud-based systems enable even more flexibility for our agents to work from just about anywhere. This ability to work from anywhere is highly beneficial to our clients as well. We get that life can get busy, and sometimes things need to get done in the virtual world. At BST Realty LLC, we accommodate our clients to the best of our ability. That means we are glad to meet in-person or virtually to make sure our clients’ real estate goals are achieved.

Our team also supports our community through and through. We love being able to champion one another on. We get what it means to be a local business and to support local organizations. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of such a wonderful community, and here’s to growing together more and more! If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, or if you’re also contemplating property management for your investment, we got you. Just give us a call, and let’s get started!

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Simply the Best Real Estate Company in the Willamette Valley

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Gold Best Real Estate Company for Best in the Willamette Valley! It is an honor to be represented alongside other businesses and organizations that have demonstrated their excellence in 2021. At BST Realty LLC, we strive to provide simply the best service. We’d like to express great appreciation for our talented team, our wonderful clients, and our community. The buying and selling of a home is a very important life milestone, and it’s a privilege to be there to support the dreams of our clients.

Simply the Best Real Estate Company in the Willamette Valley

Thanks to Our Brilliant Team

It’s because of our amazing team and leadership that we are able to achieve this level of excellence. Our brokerage started out as a small partnership and has grown into a flourishing local business. Lisa Santana, the owner and principal broker of BST Realty LLC serves as a leader and mentor that continually demonstrates greatness and support to her agents. It is with great thanks to our office managers Michael Kemry and Brittney Black, who also provide simply the best service and mentorship to our agents. We also want to thank Uriel Santana and Jenna Robles for providing top-notch service with our growing business in property management. Of course, it’s our entire team of agents that truly shows the strength of our community. We are here for one another, be it to help with questions or to celebrate each other’s successes.

Thanks to Our Amazing Clients

We also celebrate this wonderful success with none other than our clients. You are one of the big reasons why we strive to provide simply the best service. We love to be there at every step of the way for you in your real estate journey. Our community is so important to us, and we love to support it. Because we are stronger together. At BST Realty LLC, we are so excited for what the future holds. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, we’re here to help get to that milestone and then some. We are honored to be simply the Best in the Willamette Valley. And, we are here to serve you to make your dreams a reality!

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Meet Jackson Sherwood

Meet Jackson Sherwood! Jackson is one of our wonderful agents at BST Realty LLC. He brings his experience of working in the corporate world coupled with his love of helping people to real estate. Born and raised in Silverton, Jackson is also an expert in the Willamette Valley. Jackson specializes in timber and rural properties. If you’re thinking about buying that farm you’ve always wanted or perhaps moving to “greener pastures” for a quieter life in the country, then Jackson is the person to call!

Jackson IS a Rock-Star Producer!

Jackson’s Journey to Real Estate

Jackson was working in the corporate sphere when he realized he wanted a change in his work-life balance. He was helping his family with some home improvements and realized the deeper he got into understanding homes, the more interested he became. Jackson also loves just looking at homes. So, it was an easy transition into real estate. It allowed for him to have more flexibility and spend more time with family, which was a big plus. Jackson is an avid outdoors person. And, this draw brought him to his specialty in the buying and selling of timber and rural properties.

He loves to drive the country roads, and meet up with clients to walk the property and get an in-depth feel of what it truly has to offer. This also may mean connecting his clients with a timber company or an agronomist to better understand how the land may be utilized based on the clients’ needs. And, sometimes he even takes his mountain bike out to explore the terrain even more!

Jackson having fun outdoors with his adorable daughter.

Family Time and the Outdoors

When Jackson isn’t doing real estate, he’s spending time outdoors and with family. He loves growing up in the Willamette Valley and having so much yet to explore. Whether it’s driving and enjoying the beautiful scenery, or getting out there for bow hunting and mountain biking. He also loves to cook for people. And, his wife just got him an awesome open grill to do more of it. The kiddos are another added bonus, and he likes the moments where he gets to pick up his daughter from school and hear about her day or go camping with the family.

If you’re a Buyer or a Seller that’s interested in pursuing a new way of life in the countryside, Jackson is your agent. He’ll help you every step of the way. Whether it be figuring out how to do a timber transaction on a rural property or connecting you with an expert on how to best utilize the land for producing food and living off the grid, Jackson has you covered. He adores the outdoors and helping people find a place that checks all the boxes. At BST Realty LLC, we are so proud to have Jackson as a part of the team. Give Jackson a call, and get started on your dream homestead!

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Double the Win

We are proud to announce that BST Realty LLC has way more than doubled in its sales within the last two years. Now, that’s something to celebrate. When our business flourishes, so do our clients. It’s a win-win for everyone involved! We believe in community, and it’s been wonderful to be able to help our community thrive. We think of it as double the win. Especially, during the last year of such change. Of course, being successful at real estate means being adaptable to change. After all, it makes sense since a home is usually a central part of life. And, as we all know, life serves up changes from time to time. At BST Realty LLC, we are all about providing simply the best service to our clients.

Double the Win

Here to Serve You and Your Family

We truly value our expert team of agents who are working hard each year to make wonderful things happen. Our agents are here to help serve you and your family get to where you want to be. They are expert negotiators ready to help guide you through the real estate process. If you’re a Buyer who is nervous about buying your first home, we’ve got you covered. Our agents are here to be resources and help guide you in unfamiliar territory. If you’re a Seller, our agents are also savvy at showcasing your home’s best attributes and skilled at negotiation.

Let’s Win Together!

At BST Realty LLC, we are so happy to be able to serve our community. We genuinely care about our client’s well-being and building long-term relationships. Spring is a great time to begin thinking about real estate. You may have noticed more homes coming on the market. If you’re interested in viewing homes or potentially putting your home on the market, we are here to help make your real estate dreams come true. Give us a call, and let’s get started on this journey together!

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Meet Freddy Ruiz Jr.

Meet Freddy Ruiz Jr., one of our fantastic agents at BST Realty LLC. Freddy makes himself available at all times for his clients and uses his creativity to make them shine. We are so proud to have Freddy on the team! Freddy was born and raised in Salem, so he really knows the area and the Willamette Valley. He witnessed how Salem has changed over the years. Freddy remembers riding his bike down dirt paths with his friends around new developments popping up around his neighborhood. Now, he loves being a part of that change and helping his clients find the perfect home.

If you’re interested in buying or selling real estate…Freddy is ready support you in your journey!

Growing Up

From an early age, Freddy was exposed to the ins and outs of real estate. He grew up in a family that bought fixer-upper homes and sold them. While growing up he remembers loving to spend time at the Coffeehouse Café, Jimmy Guitar Planet, the YMCA which is now the Ike Box. And, he still frequents the Gov Cup that has undergone name changes throughout the years. He did photography for shows at places like the Doug Bar. He eventually started up the Space Concert Club (which is now the Infinity Room).

Then, eventually decided to pursue a career in real estate. Freddy loves everything Salem has to offer including being close to just about everything. Like the mountains, the ocean, wondrous hiking trails, and more. With Freddy’s expert knowledge of the Willamette Valley, he is well-equipped to help his clients find the home that’s right for them.

Cultivating Community

Freddy has a degree in Graphic Design from Chemeketa Community College. And, he likes to utilize these creative skills with his clients. He uses his tech-savviness to make sure everything’s fast and easy for his clients. Freddy aims to keep the process, “simple, affordable, and smooth.” Freddy also really enjoys working with people and developing long-lasting relationships. Just like the relationships he’s built over the years with the Salem community.

Freddy also loves the freedom and community that BST Realty LLC provides. Because it offers the flexibility to be creative, but also mentorship and support. At BST Realty LLC, our goal is for our agents to be their very best when it comes to real estate. This means supporting our agents for who they are, and their unique skills and talents.

When Freddy isn’t practicing real estate he’s spending time with family. He has an adventurous side and likes to do fire-spinning with his wife and go to festivals like the Oregon Country Fair or even Burning Man. Freddy continues upping his skills with doing some fire poi and juggling two batons, and he also enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends. If you’re looking for a real estate agent whose an expert in the field that will get the job done well, then Freddy is a must-call!

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How bout a little Cinco De Micro?!

It is time for Salem’s 8th annual Cinco De Micro Brewfest at the Salem Convention Center! This is a fabulous event supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Salem and Marion and Polk Counties. What better excuse to get out and try some great micro brews along with yummy food! Get your tickets soon because this event is Friday, May 3rd from 4:00-10:00 pm and Saturday, May 4th 2:00pm-10:00pm! Click the link to the website below for more info and to reserve a ticket. This event is for people 21 years and older. Have a fun safe time!

Cinco De Micro

We love Salem and are happy to promote this event going towards such a great cause! Don’t forget we serve the Salem area and beyond and would love to chat with you about any upcoming Real Estate needs! Click our link below to get in touch with an agent!

BST Agents!

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Great Agents Teach!

Great agents take the time to educate their clients!

What Should You Look for In Your Real Estate Team?

What Should You Look for In Your Real Estate Team? | MyKCM

How do you select the agents who are going to help make your dream of owning a home a reality? What should you be looking for? How do you know if you’ve found the right agent or lender?

The most important characteristic that you should be looking for in your agent is someone who is going to take the time to really educate you on the choices available to you and your ability to buy in today’s market.

As the financial guru Dave Ramsey advises:

“When getting help with money, whether it’s insurance, real estate or investments, you should always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.”

Do your research. Ask your friends and family for recommendations of professionals they’ve worked with in the past and have had good experiences with.

Look for members of your team who will be honest and trustworthy; after all, you will be trusting them to help you make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

Whether this is your first or fifth time buying a home, you want to make sure that you have an agent who is going to have the tough conversations with you, not just the easy ones. If your offer isn’t accepted by the seller, or they think that there may be something wrong with the home that you’ve fallen in love with, you would rather know what they think than make a costly mistake.

According to the Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report:

Buyers from all generations primarily wanted their agent’s help to find the right home to purchase. Buyers were also looking for help to negotiate the terms of sale and to help with price negotiations.” Additionally,“Help understanding the purchase process was most beneficial to buyers 37 years and younger at 75 percent.”

Look for someone to invest in your family’s future with you. You want an agent who isn’t focused on the transaction but is instead focused on helping you understand the process while helping you find your dream home.

Bottom Line

In this world of Google searches, where it seems like all the answers are just a mouse-click away, you need an agent who is going to educate you and share the information that you need to know before you even know you need it.


This is truly the heartbeat of BST Realty! We want to serve our clients to the fullest and protect their interest above all. You can feel secure using our team to go after your real estate goals. We are on your side! Click the link below to find one of our fantastic agents now!

BST Agents!

Licensed Broker in The State of Oregon

Silverton Office 503-874-4666

Woodburn Branch Office 503-446-5411



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