Living Green

Living Green

It is St. Patrick’s Day, and I believe St. Patty himself would surely approve of the Great North West. We have enough evergreens and rolling green hills to provide all your eyes can take in. The air is fresh and clean because it’s green!


These days there are a lot of ways to wear your green, so why not wear it a little prouder this St. Patrick’s Day and do something to make your life and environment better? It doesn’t take much to take care of our home and make a difference.

Here are 50 Cost-Efficient ways to make your home more eco-friendly from The Huffington Post

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“Real” Estate Tips

“Real” Estate Tips With Dixon!

We were pleased to be the top selling office in Silverton for January 2017, according to the Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service statistics, and the number 5 top-selling office for Area 90, which consists of Marion County sales excluding Salem. BST Realty is proud of the fact that we have only been in business here since June of 2015, and our chief competitors have been here for years.

We pride ourselves on great service (everyone says that but we deliver it), in-depth knowledge of the market-past, present, and educated guesses about the future, and ethics. Ethics matter to us. It is what we practice and preach. Our word is our bond, so to speak. We believe in respecting and delivering what we are required to do by law-fulfill our fiduciary responsibility to our customers, whether they are buyers, sellers, or future prospects. We will deliver timely and honest communication, talk to you candidly and honestly, ensure that our record-keeping is up to speed with the most current forms, and that we use “best practices” in all that we do.

What I like about our office is we have, simply put, wonderful people who enjoy people, love real estate, and are here to serve the community in their professional and private lives. They are service-oriented, great communicators, and they are not high sales pressure people who want to trap you in a small room with hot lights until you sign on the dotted line. We want to work with you today, or next year. It doesn’t matter-the time schedule is yours. When it is right for you to list or sell any property-bare land, multi-family, farm, timber, commercial, and residential, we are there if and when you need us. We will never pressure you, and we will never “buy the listing”, a less-than ethical technique where you will be told your $300,000 property will sell for $399,000 in order to list with that agent. Fortunately, our community is served by good and ethical agents who will tell you what your property is worth based on hard data, market trends, supply and demand, and their own command of the areas they serve.

Thank you for helping us have our best year ever in 2016. We have added some first class agents and they are ready to run, for you. When YOU are ready.

Dixon Bledsoe, Licensed Principal  Broker in the State of Oregon




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