We are Simply the Best, Baby!

We are simply the best for many reasons, but one of them is most definitely our wonderful agents. Our agents are well-versed in how to help their clients reach their real estate goals. Each one of our agents gives a unique point of view and skill set as well. In real estate, agents are known to take their work “home” with them. That means, they are working hard for their clients to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It also means that family is sometimes integrated into what they are doing, too. In a way, we think of our BST Realty LLC team as family. And, we are simply the best, baby! We are there for each other, and we help cheer one another on when there is a success. When one shines, we all shine!

Simply the Best, Baby!
Erica Rumpca, broker, with her little helper!

Our Awesome Agents

Our agents care about their clients and are fierce negotiators. In a hot market like we are in right now, it’s good to have an agent who knows how to guide you on how to best present your offer as well as connect you with valuable resources to make the most informed decisions. If you’re a Buyer and a bit nervous about making the leap into homeownership, we have agents that can teach you about the real estate process and help you at each step in the journey. If you’re a Seller who has owned a few homes, we also have agents who understand how best to showcase your home to reach the goal you’re wanting to achieve.

Are you an investor? We also have agents experienced in selling rental homes as well as commercial real estate. Not only that, but we also provide property management services. At BST Realty LLC, we’ve got you covered. We are simply the best in real estate. In fact, we just won an award for Gold Best Real Estate Company for Best in the Willamette Valley. Let’s get started on this journey together and make your home dreams a reality!

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Simply the Best Real Estate Company in the Willamette Valley

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Gold Best Real Estate Company for Best in the Willamette Valley! It is an honor to be represented alongside other businesses and organizations that have demonstrated their excellence in 2021. At BST Realty LLC, we strive to provide simply the best service. We’d like to express great appreciation for our talented team, our wonderful clients, and our community. The buying and selling of a home is a very important life milestone, and it’s a privilege to be there to support the dreams of our clients.

Simply the Best Real Estate Company in the Willamette Valley

Thanks to Our Brilliant Team

It’s because of our amazing team and leadership that we are able to achieve this level of excellence. Our brokerage started out as a small partnership and has grown into a flourishing local business. Lisa Santana, the owner and principal broker of BST Realty LLC serves as a leader and mentor that continually demonstrates greatness and support to her agents. It is with great thanks to our office managers Michael Kemry and Brittney Black, who also provide simply the best service and mentorship to our agents. We also want to thank Uriel Santana and Jenna Robles for providing top-notch service with our growing business in property management. Of course, it’s our entire team of agents that truly shows the strength of our community. We are here for one another, be it to help with questions or to celebrate each other’s successes.

Thanks to Our Amazing Clients

We also celebrate this wonderful success with none other than our clients. You are one of the big reasons why we strive to provide simply the best service. We love to be there at every step of the way for you in your real estate journey. Our community is so important to us, and we love to support it. Because we are stronger together. At BST Realty LLC, we are so excited for what the future holds. If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, we’re here to help get to that milestone and then some. We are honored to be simply the Best in the Willamette Valley. And, we are here to serve you to make your dreams a reality!

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