Meet Brittney Black

Meet Brittney Black! Brittney is one of our wonderful agents who has been with us since the very beginning. She grew up in the area, so she’s able to provide an in-depth perspective of what the Willamette Valley has to offer. Brittney’s style is laidback, however, she will fiercely negotiate for her clients if the situation presents itself. She also listens carefully to her clients to make sure they are on the home path that’s best for them. Brittney is a person you want to call when you’re thinking about real estate.

Brittney awarded Top Producer!

When the brokerage began, Brittney was right there to help assist in laying its foundation. She was able to observe how the whole system works as an office assistant. She was a licensed massage therapist also at the time, and realized that a career in real estate was the right pathway for her. It combined flexibility and a way to continue helping people. When out with clients, Brittney truly listens to her clients to make sure they are getting what they want. This means presenting multiple options in homes at times, that way her clients get a better idea of what their dream home may be.

Celebrating with her clients in front of their new home!

Giving Back to Community & Family Time

Outside of real estate, Brittney enjoys giving back to her community and spending time with family. She is the Vice President of Silverton Kiwanis, which includes raising funds for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program, helping out with the Pet Parade, and more. Brittney is also Vice President of the Silverton Chamber of Commerce where she is focused on helping Silverton’s small businesses thrive. Brittney also loves spending time with her baby and husband as well as meeting her grandpa for lunch. Of course, there’s also camping and going out on the dunes. Not only that, but wine tasting is a fun treat that her family partakes in from time to time. Fitness is also a huge part of Brittney’s life, and she won a body-building competition in 2019. Family, nature, wine, and fitness are the perfect balance of enjoying what life has to offer.

Brittney enjoying some family time.

Brittney expertise in the Willamette Valley and her loyalty to her clients make her a must-call. She helps her Buyers find the place that will fit their lifestyle and needs by being a good listener. And, with Sellers, she helps them present their home so it can shine and get the best offers. She will be with you at every step of the real estate journey. We are so happy to have Brittney as an integral part of our team at BST Realty LLC. Give Brittney a call, and start your real estate adventure!

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Meet Lisa Santana

Meet Lisa Santana! Lisa is the sole owner at BST Realty, LLC and Managing Principal Broker. She has almost 20 years of experience providing phenomenal service to her clients. Lisa is an expert negotiator and compassionate listener. Not only that, but she grew up in Oregon, so she has in-depth knowledge of it. One of the reasons she chose real estate was because she enjoys the excitement and hunt for a new home. Lisa also specializes in working with seniors, and she finds it rewarding to help families make a smooth transition. If you’re a Buyer or a Seller, Lisa is the person to call. She helps her clients at every point in the real estate journey, and she does so with quiet confidence and grace.

Meet Lisa Santana! She helps her clients at every point in the real estate process.

Growing Up and Choosing a Path of Real Estate

Lisa moved around a lot while growing up which helped spark her interest in real estate. After having been a stay-at-home mom for 17 years, she decided that it was time to venture into real estate.

Since then, Lisa has been enjoying working with clients and building long-term relationships. She built a local business with Dixon, of which she is now the sole owner. At BST Realty LLC, there are many benefits to becoming an agent. The biggest reason is having a heartfelt and strong sense of community. Mentorship is also key to cultivating community and making sure that all agents feel supported and receiving the tools they need to be successful. Not only that but also connecting them with resources that will help them grow and learn even more.

Lisa and Dixon celebrating being recognized as Business of the Year in 2018 by the Silverton Chamber of Commerce. Photo Credit: Our Town Jim Kinghorn

BST Realty, LLC has offices in Silverton and Keizer, and also provides property management services. Uriel Santana, Lisa’s husband, and Jenna Robles have been doing a fabulous job with the property management division as well as being real estate brokers. Uriel and Jenna offer education to tenants and make sure that landlords are not only receiving rent on time but also that their properties stay in tip-top shape. There are also some plans in the mix to begin revamping the Silverton location. So, please make sure to keep a lookout for what changes are going to be made!

Lisa and her husband, Uriel, celebrating Lisa being honored as Realtor of the Year in 2017 by North Willamette Association of Realtors.

Family is Everything

When Lisa isn’t doing real estate, she also enjoys time with family. Lisa loves to knit, and her adorable dog, Remi. She also loves taking her annual rafting trip with her husband, Uriel. They’ve been taking this trip for many years, and she loves the feeling of just being out in nature. She especially loves being on the pontoon boat. And, she’ll even take her knitting out camping, too. Of course, Lisa loves spending time and babysitting her grandkids. She has 10 grandkids and counting, so let’s just say it’s a full house!

Enjoying time with family and all those grandkids!

Supporting Community

One thing that people may not be aware of with BST Realty LLC, is how we are involved with our community. This is because we truly value and cherish it. It’s community that gets us through the hard times, and it’s also community that helps us flourish. We are involved after-school programs, Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA), Silverton Sheltering, soccer teams, the Silverton Dodge Ball Fundraiser, supporting programming that combats military suicide called Active Heroes, supporting Homes for Heroes as an affiliate, and more. Lisa says, “We work really hard to give back to our schools and the heroes among us in our community.” And, some of the money BST Realty LLC receives is given back to our community.

In addition to this, Lisa serves on the Kiwanis Board, and is currently serving as Past President. She is on the Silverton Kiwanis Club’s Committee for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, because she believes that books should be accessible to all children. And, the Kiwanis Club will be having a spelling bee in the near future, so please lookout for next year’s event in 2022. Service in the real estate community is also important. Lisa serves as the Treasurer for the Mid-Valley Association of Realtors and the Willamette Valley MLS Board as a Director. Supporting community is first and foremost a priority to Lisa.

Lisa is the person that you want on your team when it comes to real estate. She’s a community and business leader. Lisa has a proven track record of excellence. Whether you’re interested in buying or selling real estate, Lisa will be there at every point in the journey. Give her a call, so you can start making your dreams a reality.

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Giving Thanks

In the Willamette Valley, there’s a lot to be thankful for. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC, we are thankful for our outstanding team and community. Our agents come from diverse backgrounds and expertise, and we believe this makes us better able to serve you, our clients. Our community is so important to us. From supporting other local businesses to donating to causes we are passionate about, we believe in taking care of on another. Because, that’s what life is about – giving thanks and showing appreciation for all the gifts right in front of us.

Giving thanks
Having fun posing for photos at Goblin Walk in 2019.

The turning of the seasons and the holidays approaching also remind us to be thankful. One of the ways we show this is by being a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. This program helps out the courageous and essential workers out there that have kept us safe from the fires and helped us recover from what may ail us.

Butte Creek Falls, a wonder to behold.

We are stronger together, and we are so appreciative of our team and our clients. Giving thanks and showing appreciation is just a part of what we do, because we think it’s great to help others shine. If we help others shine and thrive, then that actually is helping out everyone in our community. So, if you’re out and about this week, take a moment. Take a deep breath in, and think about what you’re thankful for. It’s a great practice that we like to do here at Bledsoe Santana Team, LLC. It grounds us and makes us stronger. Here’s to raising up one another as a community.

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Creek Side Music Mondays!

Music Mondays have started and you are not gonna want to miss the amazing lineup of artist that will be playing  these creek side concerts from 6:30-8:30 Monday nights this summer! Music Mondays are put on by Silverton Friends of Music and have some amazing local sponsors as well!

Come enjoy this free event in the cool grass and listen to some local musicians! Just one of the ways that Silverton shines, sharing the arts and being a community!

If you follow the link below you can see the bands that will be playing all summer and you can also follow a link to support Silverton Friends Of Musics!

Silverton Friends Of Music- Mondays



Silverton is full of local treasures! That is why we love this community! Come by our Silverton office anytime and we can chat about real estate or how much we love Silverton! Check out some of BST’s own local treasures in the link below of our fabulous agents!

BST Agents!!


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It’s Rodeo Time!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Time to pull on some boots and pick out a hat to wear to your favorite local rodeo! Known as the “Cowboy’s Christmas” 4th of July is coming quick and that means rodeo, carnival, and fireworks!

We love the smell of cotton candy and corn dogs in the air and the sound of people laughing and carousel’s turnin!

So get ready for some mutton bustin, bull ridin, bronc buckin, calf ropin and barrel racin and we will tell you where you can find it and when! Here is the local lineup!


Molalla Buckaroo!

A local favorite, the Molalla Buckaroo does not disappoint! From the food to the rides to the games, it is the perfect small town celebration with the big town show! You can find some pretty big names at this PRCA Professional rodeo along with an outstanding fireworks display! Get along to their website to get your tickets!!


St. Paul Rodeo!

This is the 84th year for this event and they are kicking it off with a Hall of Fame Bar B Q and Benefit Auction! There is also a dynamic parade along with all the other festivities! Check out their lineup and tickets on the website to reserve your spot! Another hometown favorite in the Willamette Valley and worth the wait!



If you are looking for a trust worthy agent to help you navigate the flurry of market activity this summer, we have an office full of awesome agents ready to go! Stop in or call today and lets chat about your real estate needs. We are a no pressure real estate company and will advocate for your needs without an agenda. Click the link below to see what is available in your area!


Property Search!



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It’s time for Silverton’s Pet Parade!

It is time to get those animal friends fluffed and buffed and trimmed and bedazzled for another fabulous Silverton Pet Parade! Your local Silverton Kiwanis Club hosts this event and it has been around since 1932! This Event is this Saturday, May 18th and begins at 10:00 am.

You can’t beat a home town parade where you get to show of your animal friends and rub elbows with your neighbors! Come on out and enjoy Silverton the best way! See you there, rain or shine!

Here is the link for all the details you need to participate or just to get the best seat in the house!

Silverton Pet Parade

We are experts on Silverton community and would love to chat with you about our sweet town! Come see us and let us help you find your piece of Silverton! You can also click the link below to see what is for sale in Silverton!

Property Search!


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Tiny living for our community Giants!

Woodburn proves that tiny living has been around longer than you think and Woodburn has been ahead of the game since 1960. Woodburn Estates and Golf is an over 55 community made up of individually owned single story homes. Though the younger generation may think small living is a new concept this neighborhood proves otherwise. These homes boast independent living in a small simple package. They may not be as itty bitty as the homes featured on “Tiny house nation” but they are a beautiful example of how to simplify life while still maintaining a practical home.

Check out more information on Woodburn Estates and Golf at their website below!

Woodburn Estates and Golf


Our agents have a wealth of experience to help you find just the right fit for your lifestyle. Give us a call or click the link below and we will connect you with the perfect agent for you!

Meet our team!

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Roth’s, an Iconic Silverton Institution!

When you think of things iconic to Silverton, images of Boedies Drive Through, A & W  root beer floats, Homer Davenport Days and “Red Devil Hill” go through your mind. There are few businesses native to Silverton that have passed the test of time and still stand proudly serving their community like Roth’s Fresh Market. Orville Roth carved his brand into Silverton long ago and now it stands as a reminder of who he was and how he cared for his town. Most of us donned a green tie and apron at some point in our life and learned about work ethic and service.

Roth’s in Silverton holds a certain magic hard to find in other grocery stores. The detail oriented service started by Orville and instilled in his employees even today are a testament to his vision for Silverton. Visiting Roth’s feels like something between a farmer’s market, a gourmet grocery, and a coffee shop where you can shoot the breeze and catch up on news about town. Yes, you will get your shopping done, but you will also go wine tasting, find some local organic soaps, buy a last minute gift, and get a hard to beat burger fresh off the grill. Roth’s is a true gem to our community and one that I hope will last forever!

Roth’s was founded by Herman C. Jochimsen and Orville N. Roth on August 5th, 1962. They opened their first store right here in Silverton, Oregon. Though Roth’s offers all the modern conveniences, the spirit of the past and true service still remain the heartbeat and the atmosphere.

Roth’s Fresh Market


We love are community and we love Roth’s! If you would like to find out more about Silverton or the surrounding areas and how to make this your hometown, give us a call or stop by one of our offices and we would happy to chat with you and answer your questions.

BST Agents!


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Silverton on the historic map!

Check out this great little post on Silverton with some fun historic facts! We know we love our special small town but it is always fun to hear it from the outside! Enjoy!

“It’s “Did you know about Oregon” Friday. The name Silverton was due to the town being located on Silver Creek. 1. Adolph Wolf had this built for his hardware store in 1891. He served as mayor and helped bring the railroad to town. 2.. This 1904 house was built for June and Eleanor Drake. June Drake was a commercial photographer and used his photos of Silver Falls in a campaign to establish Silver Falls State Park. 3. The 5 sided Ames building was erected in 1905 to house the People’s Bank. It appeared in a scene in the movie “Bandits”. 4&5. The 1906 train depot was sold for a $1 in the 1970’s with the requirement that it had to be moved. The Chamber of Commerce is the current occupant. 6. The 1925 City hall was designed by the city engineer.”- Darrell Jabin; Oregon’s Traveling Historian

We want you to find your little piece of history and we can help you do that all over Oregon. We have agents from Eugene to Portland and will go the the extra mile to make your home buying dreams come true! Let the BST team represent you!



Licensed Broker in The State of Oregon

Silverton Office 503-874-4666

Woodburn Branch Office 503-446-5411


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