Meet Chelsea McKinney

Meet Chelsea McKinney! Chelsea is one of our wonderful agents who loves helping people find the perfect home. She has a Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification. This means she has the expertise to help military families find a home, even if they are out-of-state. It also comes in handy for anyone who is thinking of making the move to Oregon, but can’t be there to view properties in person. If you’re looking for a broker who will guide you at every point in the journey, even if that means virtually, Chelsea is the person to call!

Meet Chelsea McKinney

Relocation Expertise

Chelsea was born and raised in the Willamette Valley. Therefore she understands the area in-depth as well. She can also relate to families who are moving to new places because she moved to the east coast for a bit because her husband’s military duty called for it. She provides her clients a means to experience the property if they can’t be there to view it. For example, Chelsea may go view the property, take videos, and more in order for clients to make the most informed decision. Chelsea has a huge heart for the military and veterans. And, she understands how to connect her clients to the right resources to make sure VA benefits are utilized to the utmost. At BST Realty LLC, we are a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. This helps people like veterans potentially save money on the purchase or sale of a home.

Chelsea spending time with family outdoors!

Spending time with family and doing woodworking with patriotic themes are some of the things she enjoys when she’s not doing real estate. She loves going out kayaking, too, and enjoying all that the Willamette Valley has to offer. Chelsea is an expert of the area and a relocation specialist who is there to help you at every point in the real estate process. When it comes to Sellers, her relocation expertise also has a benefit. She is knowledgeable about how to make sure her Sellers’ home has the most exposure to ensure the best offers are coming to the table. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, Chelsea is a great broker that will help guide you at every point in your journey. Give Chelsea a call, and get started!

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Just Being Neighborly

Mister Rogers is the type of guy you may like to have in your neighborhood. How do you experience the kindness of neighbors? Is it through a welcoming sign in their yard? It could also be how they’ve planted some gorgeous flowers that may brighten your day. Perhaps it’s the neighbor down the street that’s selling local honey. Or, a neighbor that keeps an eye on your home while you’re on vacation. There are so many ways to experiencing a home. And, one way is your neighbors. Just being neighborly is sometimes just the way to be. It helps cultivate community and grow stronger relationships.

Sometimes a sign in a neighbor’s yard serves as a reminder to be kind to one another.

At BST Realty LLC, we value community. It starts at the root of who we are. From mentoring agents to taking special care of our clients. It expands outward into the greater community as well. We love supporting local businesses because those are the people who live in our community. And, we are stronger when we support one another. We also help support valuable organizations like SACA, Active Heroes, After School Activities Program – Silverton, Shangri-La, and Keizer Community Food Bank. Because we believe that helping others is a duty and privilege. In fact, it’s a bit like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.

We feel like it’s as simple as just being neighborly in our community. And, giving to others also is a way of giving back to oneself. We are also are a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program, which is designed to help people who give so much to our communities as well.

The Homes for Heroes program helps people like teachers, health care workers, and veterans save a bit of money when it comes to the buying and selling of a home. It makes sense to help support people that have helped educate our little ones and keep us safe. If you’re a Buyer or a Seller, we are here to help you at every point in the journey. Because, quite simply, we care about serving our clients in simply the best way possible.

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We Love Our Community

We want to give a big thanks to all the people who wrote down their appreciation to our COVID heroes. We love our community. At BST Realty LLC, we believe in supporting community and love that so much gratitude and admiration were shared on the love notes to COVID heroes that we had posted on our office window. We are a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program that supports our heroes as well. It means that people in our community like firefighters, nurses, teachers, and police officers may be able to save some money on the purchasing or selling of their homes. If you’re curious about this program, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always glad to listen to our clients’ needs and wants, so we may serve them.

we love our community
All the wonderful notes left from our community to our community.

Although Valentine’s Day has long passed, we want to continue with the sentiment of love and support for our community. We are stronger when we work together. We give many thanks to the firefighters who have been on the front lines to keep us safe from wildfire. To the medical care professionals who have worked so hard to keep us safe. To our teachers, we thank you so much for your adaptability in the classroom, whether it be online or in-person. And we thank our police officers for protecting us. All of our heroes are leaders in our community.

Our Silverton office window filled-up with loves notes to our COVID heroes.

What will you be doing with spring rolling in? How might you share your gratitude with someone who has helped keep you safe? Or, perhaps someone who is struggling? These stories of support also keep our community strong. At BST Realty LCC, we will continue to champion on community, because we believe in it. We are a local business that supports in many different ways. And, we are here to serve you and your family as well when it comes to making big decisions with buying and selling your home. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, let’s talk. Let’s figure out the best way for you to continue to thrive in your community.

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Helping Neighbors

Tough times bring people together. The last week has served up weather that has made people even more compassionate with one another. Community is such an important thing to us, and we support it in many ways. This time around, neighbors were helping neighbors to make it through the cold temperatures after a power outage that has been deemed historic in Oregon. Although this may have taken the wind out of our sails for a moment, our community quickly came together to make sure people in need were being helped. With the snow and ice hitting the Midwest, it reminds us also to be appreciative of what we have in the Willamette Valley.

Helping Others

For those who have loved ones in that part of the nation, we hope that they are safe and warm. We also are so thankful for our heroes that continue to astound us with their bravery and courage. Our firefighters and first responders that are out there continue to help people still in need during this time.

Some stories of compassion have been happening everywhere. From a neighbor knocking door to door to make sure everyone had a warm place to stay. To families offering other families a home to take shelter and have some solace. Also, there is the story of the man who parked his RV at Silverton Estates, so that way others could refrigerate their medications. Some people have even given others less fortunate a bit of money and a pair of socks in a hotel lobby. All of these things, whether seemingly big or small add up to making our community stronger. Because, we are stronger together.

At BST Realty LLC, we are here to help you navigate during tough times as well. We are problem-solvers and we care about our clients. It’s not short-term for us, it’s building long-term relationships that last. We are also an affiliate with the Homes for Heroes Program, which helps people like first responders get some money back when buying or selling a home. We truly appreciate how much our heroes have been there to support our community. Now, we know that some people are without power still. We will lead with compassion, especially during this time. And, we will all get through this together. With spring right around the corner, we can’t wait to see blossoms from this long winter.

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Meet Amelia Haight

Meet Amelia Haight! Amelia is the other half to The Sarmiento Group at BST Realty LLC. The Sarmiento Group is comprised of Amelia and Chris Sarmiento. Together they divide and conquer to make their clients’ lives easier in the long run. Amelia enjoys being able to relate to her clients and build relationships that will last. They also bring their adorable daughter along sometimes to client meetings. Because, after all, it’s a family affair.

Meet Amelia Haight
Chris and Amelia having fun on the trail together!

Midwest Style and Team Dynamics

Amelia is originally from the Midwest and ended up in Oregon later on in life. Michael, our Office Manager in Keizer, is actually one of the reasons she joined us! It’s wonderful to have such a tight knit and supportive team. Amelia offers her clients her down-to-earth Midwesterner style. She and Chris work with veterans and first time home buyers, because they know exactly how it feels to be either one in the business of real estate. Chris is a veteran who served in the army over in Afghanistan. With their expertise, they are able to navigate the real estate process and provide the care and support unique to their clients’ needs. We are an affiliate for the Homes for Heroes program, that serves veterans and more essential people who have helped our community stay safe and become stronger.

Meet Amelia Haight
The family venturing across bridges in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

When Amelia and Chris aren’t working with their clients, they also love to explore all that the Willamette Valley has to offer. From the coast, to the high desert, and beyond, they are avid outdoors people. If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, The Sarmiento Group is a wonderful team to have on your side. We are sure glad to have them on our team!

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Veterans Day

We have great appreciation and respect for our veterans. If you notice flags hanging high today, it’s because it’s Veterans Day. Today, we think about our loved ones who have served so that we may live more freely. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we also have agents who are veterans, and we are thankful and proud to have them on our team.

A mural in Silverton showing appreciation for the Veteran.

We also think about those veterans who have given their lives so we may live a more fruitful life, and for their families and the veterans who must continue on. During this day, we send love to those families and veterans. If you know someone who is a veteran, it’s a great time to pick up the phone and let them know how thankful you are that they served. Just a small thank you can go a long way, and you may also learn a thing or two about history…and more importantly, the history of our nation.

At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. This program is designed to help people like our honored veterans save money on buying or selling a home. If you are in the active military or a veteran, you may qualify for this program. Please contact us, so that we may better serve you in your real estate journey. It’s the least we could do for all of the sacrifices you made to serve ensure our freedom in this beautiful country.

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Giving Thanks

In the Willamette Valley, there’s a lot to be thankful for. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC, we are thankful for our outstanding team and community. Our agents come from diverse backgrounds and expertise, and we believe this makes us better able to serve you, our clients. Our community is so important to us. From supporting other local businesses to donating to causes we are passionate about, we believe in taking care of on another. Because, that’s what life is about – giving thanks and showing appreciation for all the gifts right in front of us.

Giving thanks
Having fun posing for photos at Goblin Walk in 2019.

The turning of the seasons and the holidays approaching also remind us to be thankful. One of the ways we show this is by being a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. This program helps out the courageous and essential workers out there that have kept us safe from the fires and helped us recover from what may ail us.

Butte Creek Falls, a wonder to behold.

We are stronger together, and we are so appreciative of our team and our clients. Giving thanks and showing appreciation is just a part of what we do, because we think it’s great to help others shine. If we help others shine and thrive, then that actually is helping out everyone in our community. So, if you’re out and about this week, take a moment. Take a deep breath in, and think about what you’re thankful for. It’s a great practice that we like to do here at Bledsoe Santana Team, LLC. It grounds us and makes us stronger. Here’s to raising up one another as a community.

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Meet Michael Kemry

Meet Michael Kemry, one of our awesome agents, and who has an entrepreneurial style and demonstrates versatility and care for his clients. Michael is also the Manager at the Keizer Office and likes being able to grow a new office and cultivate his business. He also enjoys helping new agents learn the ropes to be successful in real estate. Michael has a wonderful family. His spouse, Johanna, works on the front lines in the COVID unit at Salem Hospital. That means Michael understands not only how to navigate the world of real estate, but also take the right safety precautions, and what it truly means to be an essential worker. We thank you, Johanna, for the incredible work you are doing. And, Michael, we are thankful to have you around to offer your leadership with our growing team!

Meet Michael Kemry
Michael and his beautiful family!

Leadership and Community

Michael grew up in a family that had investment properties. He is was aware of how real estate can help benefit families first-hand. This is where he received some of his entrepreneurial spirit. Later on, Michael managed Petsmart in Salem, and learned some of the other leadership skills that he uses today. However, while managing the Petsmart, he began to realize with a growing family that he’d like to have more flexibility to be with them. That’s where the idea of real estate became more clear. The mix of being able to grow his own business while also being present for family seemed like a wonderful pairing. So, he got his license and began his career in real estate.

This flexibility also allowed Michael to pursue other things being on the board at Shangri-La, of which he now the Vice President. Shangri-La is a non-profit organization specializing in, “helping individuals with disabilities and families with disadvantages recognize and achieve their potential.” He grew up with people who had mental disabilities. He finds this community-based volunteer work rewarding.

Michael takes the worry out of the equation for his clients, so the focus can be on making some great memories.

Serving Client Needs

Since spring, Michael has become more adept at meeting with his clients virtually as well as utilizing technology to both showcase listings and provide more valuable information to his buyers about homes on the market. He has adjusted his business well and takes important safety precautions. For example, Michael has made it a priority to limit the amount of in-person meetings while still being personable with his clients. He also does 3D or video tours for his listings in order to fully show all the home has to offer to increase buyer interest.

Our Team

We are proud to have Michael as a part of our team, and we are also an affiliate with the Homes for Heroes program, which may help provide savings to essential workers just like his wife, Johanna. At BST Realty LLC, we are a community of people who care about our clients and bring the utmost experience to the table. If you are interested in buying or selling real estate, we are here help serve you and your unique needs. As Michael puts it, “One of the most rewarding things is helping people through a stressful time. It’s my job to worry about things. I’m here to shoulder the stress of the situation.” We couldn’t agree more. Let’s take that journey together in real estate and make some amazing things happen!

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Meet Melissa Boyd

Meet Melissa Boyd
Meet Melissa Boyd
Melissa with her adorable pugs in the sunshine.

Meet Melissa Boyd! If you’re looking for an agent that takes her clients’ needs seriously by truly listening, educating, and being there above and beyond – then Melissa is your person. When Melissa walks into a room, you know that she’s not only a genuinely caring person, but also an educator at heart. This is a wonderful thing to have, especially with first time home buyers who are trying to navigate the intricate layers of real estate. From buying a home for your first time to selling a home in order to downsize, Melissa has the expertise to help serve you in your real estate journey.

Melissa teaching a 1st Time Home Buyer Class at our Keizer office.

Born Educator

Melissa is a born educator. She’s taught from Mississippi to Oregon, and from elementary school to university. This variety of perspectives in teaching eventually led Melissa to real estate. She applies her teaching skills when working with clients, too. Melissa determines what previous knowledge her clients have in real estate, and goes from there. She also encourages her clients to do a drive-by of homes they are interested in, and to get a feel for the neighborhood. She’ll ask them, “Can you see yourself bringing home groceries? How does that feel?” It’s important to do this, because as we all know, how you feel about a place is a pretty good gauge on whether you should move on to another home of interest, or perhaps this is the home for you and your family.

When it comes to the details and marketing skills, Melissa has you covered. Melissa uses her master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition and previous Technical Writing teaching expertise to better serve her clients. This comes into play when the smallest details matter most in a contract, and also makes for providing great marketing skills for her Sellers. Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller, Melissa uses her stealth educator skills to better serve you.

Caring for Community

Meet Melissa Boyd
Melissa takes care of her clients, and that means safety first…sprinkled with some fun, of course.

Melissa goes the extra mile with her clients. During the pandemic, Melissa has been checking-in on her clients to make sure they’re doing okay. She’s even helped some of her clients with an appointment they may need to get to or making sure they get food deliveries to their home. Because, that’s just the kind of person Melissa is. She really cares about the people in her community.

Melissa having fun with other agents on our team for the bocce ball tournament for charity!

Our agents at BST Realty LLC are here to serve you and your unique needs in real estate. We are also an affiliate for the Homes for Heroes program, which helps teachers and other essential workers in the buying or selling of their home. We are so lucky to have Melissa, and all of our wonderful agents as a part of our team. Give us a ring if you’re thinking about making that next move, whatever it may be. We are here to help you on your real estate adventure.

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Your Personal Oasis

Your Oasis

Waterfalls are a huge part of the Willamette Valley. From Silver Falls to Shellburg, and all the gems in between, we are so thankful to be surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature. Silver Falls State Park is just a short jaunt from Silverton and the Salem area. Even though it’s rainy out, it could be one of the best times to go explore it. The greens become brighter, and you still have a chance to experience those big beautiful yellow leaves of the maple fall down to the ground. The Willamette Valley has so many things to offer. At Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC, we are here to show you around to the home you’ve been dreaming about. We want to help you find your personal oasis.

Your personal oasis
Winter Falls in Silver Falls State Park

Our Approach + Homes for Heroes

We approach real estate with the strength and peace that a waterfall brings, and we aim to have the process as smooth as possible. That way, you can focus on the things that matter most and begin creating memories in your new home. Did you know that we are also an affiliate with the Homes for Heroes program? If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a program designed to support essential workers like firefighters, teachers, and more. We love supporting our community, and this is just one of the ways we say, “thank you,” for the important work that you do.

Your personal oasis
A path lined with ferns and the leaves of fall.

If you find yourself wandering about one of the many places that have waterfalls, just take a moment and be. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in the presence of a waterfall, and it’s just one of the many things we are thankful for in Willamette Valley. At Silver Falls State Park, Winter Falls is a mere dripping spring, and now you can see it in full form. Winter Falls is situated between North and South Falls. It’s a great little spot if you’d like to do a half loop around the park.

You may think of your home as your personal oasis, too. And, we’re here to help you get to that oasis. Give us a ring, and let’s have a conversation about what you’re envisioning for your future home.

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