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How Current Interest Rates Can Have a High Impact on Your Purchasing Power

How Current Interest Rates Can Have a High Impact on Your Purchasing Power | MyKCM

According to Freddie Mac’s latest Primary Mortgage Market Survey, interest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage are currently at 4.61%, which is still near record lows in comparison to recent history!

The interest rate you secure when buying a home not only greatly impacts your monthly housing costs, but also impacts your purchasing power.

Purchasing power, simply put, is the amount of home you can afford to buy for the budget you have available to spend. As rates increase, the price of the house you can afford to buy will decrease if you plan to stay within a certain monthly housing budget.

The chart below shows the impact that rising interest rates would have if you planned to purchase a home within the national median price range while keeping your principal and interest payments between $1,850-$1,900 a month.

How Current Interest Rates Can Have a High Impact on Your Purchasing Power | MyKCM

With each quarter of a percent increase in interest rate, the value of the home you can afford decreases by 2.5% (in this example, $10,000). Experts predict that mortgage rates will be closer to 5% by this time next year.

Act now to get the most house for your hard-earned money.

Don’t let this low interest rate season pass you up! We can help you get started right away and get you in touch with lenders for pre-approval! Check out our Mortgage Center on the link below!

Mortgage Center

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Agent Versus FSBO!

Hiring an Agent to Sell Your House May Cost You NOTHING!

Hiring an Agent to Sell Your House May Cost You NOTHING! | MyKCM

Agent Versus FSBO-

There is no doubt that it is easier to sell your house when using the services of a local real estate professional. The agent will provide:

  • Greater exposure to more buyers
  • The skills of a professional negotiator
  • A layer of protection from possible legal liabilities
  • Professional guidance in navigating any pitfalls that may arise
  • A level of safety while showing the home

There is no doubt that these services are valuable to any family that decides to sell. The only question is – how valuable? One of the main reasons For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) don’t use a real estate agent is because they believe these services are not worth the fee an agent charges. But, what if those services didn’t cost the seller a penny?

study by Collateral Analytics, however, reveals that FSBOs don’t actually save anything and, in some cases, may be costing themselves more by not listing with an agent.

In the study, they analyzed home sales in a variety of markets in 2016 and the first half of 2017. The data showed that:

“FSBOs tend to sell for lower prices than comparable home sales, and in many cases below the average differential represented by the prevailing commission rate.” (emphasis added)

Why would FSBOs net less money on their own than if they used an agent?

The study makes several suggestions:

  • “There could be systematic bias on the buyer side as well. FSBO sales might attract more strategic buyers than MLS sales, particularly buyers who rationalize lower-priced bids on with the logic that the seller is “saving” a traditional commission. Such buyers might specifically search for and target sellers who are not getting representational assistance from agents.” In other words, ‘bargain lookers’ might shop FSBOs more often.
  • “Experienced agents are experts at ‘staging’ homes for sale” which could bring more money for the home.
  • “Properties listed with a broker that is a member of the local MLS will be listed online with all other participating broker websites, marketing the home to a much larger buyer population. And those MLS properties generally offer compensation to agents who represent buyers, incentivizing them to show and sell the property and again potentially enlarging the buyer pool.” If more buyers see a home, the greater the chances are that there could be a bidding war for the property.

Three conclusions from the study:

  1. FSBOs achieve prices significantly lower than those from similar properties sold by Realtors using the MLS.
  2. The differential in selling prices for FSBOs when compared to MLS sales of similar properties is about 5.5%.
  3. The sales in 2017 suggest the average price was near 6% lower for FSBO sales of similar properties.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of selling, FSBOing may end up costing you money instead of saving you money.

Here at Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC we offer free Competitive Market Analysis of your home along with a consultation demonstrating our strategies for sales, marketing and negotiating! Our clients are our priority and we work hard to protect their interest and equity! We would be happy to talk with you today! Click on the link below to see our team of Agents!

BST Agents!

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Opening Soon! Woodburn, OR Branch Office


Woodburn, OR Branch Office – Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce the opening of our branch office at 1310 Meridian Dr. Unit 2-B, Woodburn, OR on February 16th, 2018!

206 Oak ST Silverton Oregon - Main Office
206 Oak ST, Silverton Oregon – Main Office


We are incredibly proud of our agents; who bring the very BEST to their clients and represent Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC with integrity and excellence!  As a client centered real estate office, our goal is to represent both buyer’s and seller’s needs to the highest. We do not believe in high pressure sales and feel that if we can serve you in any way, we have done our job.

Our agents provide outstanding service to the communities where we live, work, and play. Commitment to quality service, driven by integrity, and fueled by experience, knowledge, and technology, this “Client First” philosophy makes up the cornerstone of our business. We strive to provide streamlined communication, effectively negotiate, respond quickly to your needs, and expand our knowledge of the ever changing market.

We want Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC to be a warm fire on a cold winter day and are here to serve you throughout the Willamette Valley and are your source now and after the sale. We are “Simply the BEST! “

Stay tuned for more information about our “Grand Opening” in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you and as always, if you are looking to buy or sell, give us a call or visit our website ! We are ready to serve you!

1310 Meridian DR Unit 2-B, Woodburn, OR - Branch Office Coming soon!
1310 Meridian DR Unit 2-B, Woodburn, OR – Branch Office Coming soon!



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Woodburn Branch Office 503-446-5411

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We are Branching out! - Woodburn, OR
We are Branching out! – Woodburn, OR








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Pumpkin spice and everything nice!

Autumn is “pumpkin” everything! It’s pumpkin extravaganza on parade in many shades and flavors of fall. The famous PSL with it’s steadfast followers and eager partakers makes it’s grand entrance non too soon with all the spiced coffee glory that make these initials  the official sponsor of fall. The urge to bake up pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cookies inexplicably comes over the whole country and releases delightful aromas into the atmosphere that make you feel as if you have been wrapped in a warm blanket. Mmmm…. pumpkin, we missed you!


As the pumpkin craze changes our menus so the transformation of the atmosphere changes or summer wardrobe into fall fashions with boots, sweaters, and scarves oh my! The first crisp cool breeze to float across is the sweetest end to summer fun and the promise of a new season. Autumn in the North West is here at last! The kids are in school, the evenings are shortening, and the landscape is changing.

Of all the Autumn treats, nothing is as glorious and vibrant colors that paint the country side. It turns even the oldest into kids at heart. The crunch of the fallen leaves under feet in the cool air begs for someone to heap a pile for a run and a leap! Yeah, we might not do it but everyone is thinking it. Fall in the Willamette Valley means local farmers turning their normal everyday operations into Autumn theme parks for the whole family with mazes, apple cider, petting zoos and of course pumpkins. Nothing better then Fall in Silverton. This community with it’s amazing work ethics and many farmers working into the nights to finish out the year and bring forth a harvest. We are truly blessed with beauty on all sides and a community to match.


If the fresh season of fall is giving you a nudge to make a move we can take care of you in any Real Estate need you might have. Let our professional team of agents at BST Realty LLC serve you!

Find Agent!

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Silverton Sidewalk Shindig is Here!

Get ready to shake, rattle and roll your way through town for the annual Silverton Sidewalk Shindig! Nothing says small town better than live bands and music on every corner. The first Saturday in October says it’s time to jam as the businesses in town each host live music that will play and rotate from 12:00pm-9:00pm! There is some amazing talent that will be representing all walks of music and life. We had a blast here at BST last year as we hosted three different bands. We love these community events and the opportunity to spend time with each other and meet new people. We are very excited about this years lineup and can’t wait to hear that music!

2:00 pm-3:00 pm “Humble George & the Banjo Man”

3:00 pm-4:00 pm “Sakamura” (African Caribbean Reggae)

4:00 pm-5:00 pm “Rhythm Culture” (Reggae) 



To learn more about Silverton’s Sidewalk Shindig click the link below and visit their Facebook page!

Silverton Sidewalk Shindig


Lovin’ our small town and as always ready to serve your Real Estate needs!

Find a Home

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This Agent is on Fire!

BST Realty LLC Super Agent, Jenna Robles, has been busy taking care of her clients and matching them with the right property for their needs. This girl is unbeatable with over $1,000,000 in sales closing just this month! We have to give a big shout out for her hard work and happy clients! Jenna is a prime example of why Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC is “Simply the Best!”. We have amazing agents who truly care about their clients. Jenna is a top notch agent that can help you achieve your real estate goals.

Here is a little more about Jenna…


“It is important to work with an agent that puts your interests and needs first. I have dedicated my entire professional career to serving others from the veterinary/medical field to the restaurant industry. My past customer service experience has taught me how important it is to truly listen to my clients and put their needs first. I know that buying your dream home or selling your current one can be an exciting but also stressful experience at times. Let me help you through the process and keep this a positive and enjoyable experience. I will be there for you when you need me, if it be by phone call, text or email.

I was born and raised in the Willamette Valley, so I know this area. This beautiful valley has so much to offer. Let my knowledge and specialty in small town and country properties guide you to the right area that will meet your wants and needs. As a former equine veterinary technician and horse owner, I can also help you find that perfect horse property or market your current farm to the right people.”-

Jenna Robles

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Full Service Real Estate!

Here at BST Realty LLC it is important to us to offer our clients the service they need! We have gone the extra mile in many ways to be sure that your needs are taken care of!

Some of the Services we provide above and beyond selling real estate-

-Daily printed Active listings available in our flyer box located in front of our office. This is a no-strings attached service available for any one!

-Preferred user booklets of reputable contractors in our area for just about any job you need done. We put our own reputation on the line in recommending services so we only use the best! We will also coordinate these services for our clients during the buyer/selling process!

-We are now licensed to represent buyers and sellers selling Manufactured homes in parks. There are very few offices that have taken the time and expense to obtain licensing for this type of Real Estate. We want to meet you needs!


-We keep an updated list printed and available for those seeking rentals in this area. This is a courtesy we want to offer to help those in our community trying to find a rental.

Our philosophy is simple. We take care of people. We are motivated by our desire to help people reach their Real Estate goals, whatever they may be. We are no-pressure service oriented office and truly desire to help you in any way possible.

Click the link below to see our qualified agent list! We can created a tailored search to keep you ahead in this red hot market!!

Find Agent!

Stop in a see why Bledsoe Santana Team Realty LLC is “Simply the Best”!

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Welcome Angela Lopez!

Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC wants to welcome Angela Lopez to our team! The “BEST” Realty is growing and thriving! Angela brings an enthusiastic edge to our office. Her “go get em” spirit is ready to work for you! Here is a little bit about Angela.

Angela Halbirt-Lopez, Broker

My background is working in the Lending Industry. I have experience in processing and underwriting conventional loans; as well as working as an Executive Administrative Assistant providing support to 20+ offices in 4 states. After closing our mortgage offices in September of 2008, I decided to re-enter the Real Estate Industry! I enjoy utilizing my lending background experiences while working with both buyers and sellers.

I grew up in Hubbard, Oregon and graduated from North Marion High School. In 2005 my family and I moved to Mt. Angel. I love small towns, and I am honored to be able to work the Silverton community.

My time outside of work is spent with my husband Jose (owner of Advantage Plumbing) and with my 2 sons, Cruz, who is a sophomore at Silverton High School, and Adrian who is a 7th grader at Silverton Middle School. Both of my boys are avid soccer players and my husband is a soccer coach for Silver Falls Soccer Club.

Silver Falls Soccer Club is where I volunteer a lot of my time. I have been a Team Manager for over 7 years, Board Member for 2 years, and now Club Registrar. I guess you can say that I am a true Soccer Mom!

Photography is a true passion of mine. Mt. Angel and Silverton offer a great opportunity for wonderful pictures! I love to photograph the mountains, flowers, old barns, waterfalls, etc. I also love to photograph my boys playing soccer.

Come by and see me at the office, call me, and/or email me…. Let me know what you are looking for and I will help you find it! I look forward to working with you and getting to know you!

“Angela was amazing. She made us feel like we were the only Buyers she had looking for houses, even though I knew that was not the case. She to only show houses with the options we were looking for and made the Buying process really nice. I will definitely use her again when I am ready to buy or sell again. Thank you Angela!!” -Shauna & Jimmy Tuck

“Angela used our comments and discussion of properties to narrow in on our needs and help us find a great home. Thank you!!!” -Astrid & Russel Potter


Angela Halbirt-Lopez

Cell 503-999-0245


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Serving Beyond Silverton

Serving Where You Need!

“Total openness to serving others is our hallmark, it alone is our title of honor!”

Pope Francis

We are located in the heart of Silverton but we serve a much broader base! We have agents specializing in many different areas of Western Oregon. Our skilled agents can search for homes and list homes all over Oregon. We are ready to assist you in your real estate needs and can connect you with the right agent. We are very personal in our approach to real estate and can tailor our strategies to your exact needs and situation.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you during your property buying/selling process and we will help you focus on the really important stuff! We love serving our community and all of Oregon!

Find Agent!


Call us today and let the “BEST” serve you!

Office 503-874-4666


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The Back Doors of Silverton

Silverton, like any small town, has it’s own DNA. It is as unique as the people who call it home and full of all the color and life that they bring to it. I know I am biased by my own love for this city, but I do believe in the magic of this place.

I find magic in what goes on behind the businesses that make up our fair city.  I have often walked through town enjoying the simple bustle of business going on in each building I passed, but it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of what goes on behind these buildings. We have our own cultures in each alley and back door that butts up against another back door.  You may see each other only when taking out trash or recycling boxes but your shared spaces become your neighborhood. In our little back alley you may find a line cook, a florist, a barista, or real estate broker. This made me want to look closer.

What I have found is,  these are people who care. They care about the details, the small things that make a big difference. They want to remember how you take your coffee and who your brother is. They tend to sweep more than their share of sidewalk, and shovel the snow off for their neighbor. They want to water the flowers for the business next door and ask about your daughter who is sick. They want to know you and respect that we are all doing essentially the same thing: providing local services to people where they live.

Am I looking through rose colored glasses? Maybe, but if you listen and watch a little closer I think you will see it too. The beauty is in the care taken in the mundane tasks. It shows a respect for not just our town but the people who live, work, and play here. I am proud to be a part of this culture and feel a responsibility to uphold this standard of service and care.

So next time you stroll by, come on in and say “hi”. We are as happy to sit and drink coffee with you and talk about the price of gas as we are to do business with you. I guess what I am saying is, Silverton’s  back doors look a lot like their front doors.

For more information on how you can become a part of the Silverton community contact me


Naomi Funk, Broker

Cell: 503-509-9369

Office: 503-874-4666

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