Sellers: Don’t Wait Until Spring To Make Your Move

As you plan out your goals for the year, moving up to your dream home may top the list. But, how do you know when to make your move? You want to time it just right so you can get the most out of the sale of your current house. You also want to know you’re making a good investment when you buy your new home. What you may not realize is, that opportunity to get the best of both worlds is already here.

You don’t want to wait until spring to spring into action. The current market conditions make this winter an ideal time to move. Here’s why.

1. The Number of Homes on the Market Is Still Low

Today’s limited supply of houses for sale is putting sellers in the driver’s seat. There are far more buyers in the market than there are homes available, and that means buyers are eagerly waiting for your house. Listing your house now makes it the center of attention. As a seller, that means when it’s priced correctly, you can expect it to sell quickly and get multiple strong offers this season. Just remember, experts project more inventory will come to market as we move through the winter months. The 2022 forecast says this:

“After years of declining, the inventory of homes for sale is finally expected to rebound from all-time lows.”

Selling now may help you maximize the return on your investment before your house has to face more competition from other sellers.

2. Your Equity Is Growing in Record Amounts

Current homeowners are sitting on record amounts of equity thanks to today’s home price appreciation. According to the latest report from CoreLogicthe average homeowner gained $56,700 in equity over the past 12 months.

That much equity can open doors for you to make a move. If you’ve been holding off on selling because you’re worried about how rising prices will impact your own home search, rest assured your equity can help fuel your next move. It may be just what you need to cover a large portion – if not all – of the down payment on your next purchase.

3. While Rising, Mortgage Rates Are Still Historically Low

In January of last year, mortgage rates hit the lowest point ever recorded. Today, rates are starting to rise, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on locking in a low rate. Current mortgage rates are still far below what they’ve been in recent decades:

  • In the 2000s, the average mortgage rate was 6.27%
  • In the 1990s, the average rate was 8.12%

Even with mortgage rates rising above 3%, they’re still worth taking advantage of. You just want to do so sooner rather than later. Experts are projecting rates will continue to rise throughout this year, and when they do, it’ll cost you more to purchase your next home.

4. Home Prices Are Going To Keep Rising with Time

According to industry leaders, home prices will also continue appreciating this year. While experts are forecasting more moderate home price growth than last year, it’s important to note prices will still be moving in an upward direction throughout 2022.

What does that mean for you? If you’re selling so you can move into a bigger home or downsize to the home of your dreams, you want to consider moving now before rates and prices rise further. If you’re ready, you have an opportunity to get ahead of the curve by purchasing your next home before rates and prices climb higher.

Bottom Line

If you’re considering selling to move up or downsize, this may be your moment, especially with today’s low mortgage rates and limited inventory. Let’s connect today to get set up for homebuying success this year.

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Meet Melissa McKeown

Meet Melissa McKeown, one of our great agents! Melissa makes sure that her clients receive simply the best service. She does this by connecting them with the right resources and providing guidance to make the most informed decisions. Melissa also deeply understands what it’s like to move around a lot as well as apply for VA loans. Because she is the proud spouse of a military veteran. These skills also help anyone who is moving from out of state. Overall, Melissa’s goal for her clients is to ensure they feel secure during the entire process and reach their goals.

Meet Melissa McKeown

Melissa decided to do real estate after a long career as a veterinarian technician. It was time to make a change into something that offered her more flexibility. During a time when a lot of parents had to adjust to virtual learning for their children at home, Melissa felt that nudge to make the leap into a real estate career. She takes the buying and selling of homes seriously. Melissa realizes that a change in a home can make a difference in someone’s life. It’s like “finding that new happiness.” Melissa chose BST Realty LLC for many reasons, but one of them was that her best friend, Alisha Burk, Broker, was a part of the team. She enjoys the networking and camaraderie that BST Realty LLC provides. We are so happy to have her on our team, too!

When Melissa isn’t busy doing real estate, she’s enjoying travel and the outdoors like going camping with her family. Melissa is also involved with her kids’ sports and coaches basketball and baseball. She has a creative side and paints in her backyard and enjoys landscaping and gardening. One thing to know about Melissa is that she sees the glass as half full. In fact, her friends sometimes comment on how positive her outlook is on life, no matter what is served up. This perspective helps her see all the possibilities at hand when working with her clients. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, Melissa is the person to call!

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Expert Insights on the 2022 Housing Market

As we move into 2022, both buyers and sellers are wondering, what’s next? Will there be more homes available to buy? Will prices keep climbing? How high will mortgage rates go? For the answer to those questions and more, we turn to expert insights. Here’s a look at what they say we can expect in 2022.

Expert Insights
Odeta Kushi, Deputy Chief Economist, First American:

“Consensus forecasts put rates at about 3.7% …that’s still historically low, but certainly higher than they are today.”

Danielle Hale, Chief Economist,

Affordability will increasingly be a challenge as interest rates and prices rise, but remote work may expand search areas and enable younger buyers to find their first homes sooner than they might have otherwise. And with more than 45 million millennials within the prime first-time buying ages of 26-35 heading into 2022, we expect the market to remain competitive.”

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors (NAR):

“With more housing inventory to hit the market, the intense multiple offers will start to ease. Home prices will continue to rise but at a slower pace.”

George Ratiu, Manager of Economic Research,

“We also expect a growing number of homeowners to bring properties to market, taking some pressure off high prices and offering buyers more options.”

Mark Fleming, Chief Economist, First American:

Strong demographic demand will continue to act as the wind in the housing market’s sails.”

What Does This Mean for Buyers?

Hope is on the horizon for 2022. You should see your options grow as more homes are listed and some of the peak intensity of buyer competition starts to ease. Just remember, rising rates and prices are a great motivator for you to find the home of your dreams sooner rather than later so you can buy while today’s affordability is still in your favor.

What Does This Mean for Sellers?

Make no mistake – this sellers’ market will remain in 2022 as home prices are projected to continue climbing, just at a more moderate pace. Selling your house while buyer demand is so high will truly put you in the driver’s seat. But don’t wait too long. With more listings projected to become available, your ideal window of opportunity to stand out from the crowd won’t last forever. Work with one of our agents who knows your local market and current inventory conditions to ensure you have the support you need to make an educated and informed decision about selling in the coming year.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, 2022 may be your year. Let’s connect to discuss your goals and the unique opportunities you have in today’s housing market.

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Your Winter Home Pathway

Buying or selling a home is typically thought about as a springtime activity. However, did you know that winter is a great time, too? Some perks go along with it. If you’re a seller, then putting your home on the market during winter could mean less competition with other homes for sale. In addition, if you’re not necessarily ready to sell your home starting when the clock strikes midnight and rings in 2022, that’s fine, too. It’s also a great time to reach out and make a plan with your broker for the future. Determining the best strategy that works for your winter home pathway is just a part of what we do. At BST Realty LLC, we listen carefully to our client’s wants and needs to best achieve their real estate goals.

Brilliant Silver Falls State Park entering the back country trail.

Making the move to buy a home may also have its bonuses. It gives you another perspective on the home during potentially extreme weather conditions. For example, how’s the heat in the house performing after a week full of freezing nights? Will it feel more like there are icicles hanging from your nose or like a cozy cup of hot cocoa? How much sunlight does the home get during winter? This is such an important question, especially for the rainy season in the Pacific Northwest. The lens into a home during wintertime could play a valuable role in what home you’d want to choose. And, winter is a time that you’d probably spend the most time in your house as well.

2022 is just around the corner! If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, we are here to help you successfully reach your goals. Our team is simply the best. We have expert agents that offer different types of specialties to best match your real estate needs. Winter is a great time to reflect on what matters most. And, this could mean a big milestone like making a move to a home that better fits you and your lifestyle.

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Meet Brianna Brookfield

Meet Brianna Brookfield! She is one of our wonderful agents! Brianna is also BST Realty LLC’s Office Assistant at our Keizer office. She does a fantastic job of making sure her clients achieve their goals. One of the ways she does this is by giving them the space they need to truly think about what they want in a home. She listens carefully to what her clients want and need in the buying or selling of a home. Brianna says that good communication skills are key to making sure her clients get to where they want to be. She leads with an honest approach, so that way her clients may make the most informed decisions on their real estate journey.

Brianna’s pathway into real estate started with her sister, Brittney Black, who is also a Managing Principal Broker with BST Realty LLC. Brianna saw what her sister was doing and the welcoming atmosphere of the team. And with this, she became interested in becoming a Broker herself. As an Office Assistant and Broker, Brianna is able to understand the in-depth nature of what goes into a transaction. This knowledge is so valuable not only to her clients but also in supporting our team!

When Brianna isn’t doing real estate, she enjoys her time outdoors. She especially loves to scuba dive and has explored the Pacific Northwest as well as more tropical places like Hawaii. This inherent need to explore and experience new things translates well into her role as a Real Estate Broker. We are so proud to have her on our team. If you’re thinking about taking the “plunge” into buying or selling real estate, give Brianna a call! She’ll help you navigate the waters to achieve your real estate dreams.

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Meet Emily Villarreal

Meet Emily Villarreal! Emily is one of our wonderful agents who loves helping her clients achieve their real estate goals. She’s an expert at knowing what the Willamette Valley has to offer. Also, she has experience in construction work from a family business. This means, Emily knows a thing or two about all the potential that a home can have! At BST Realty LLC, we are so proud to have her as a part of our team!

Meet Emily Villarreal
Emily provides simply the best service when it comes to her clients!

Emily also has a background in counseling. This makes it so that Emily truly listens to her clients’ needs and requests. Knowing what a client wants is key to helping people get their dream home. Emily likes to be the guide and advocate for her clients. She loves being supportive during the entire process. It’s okay how much time it takes, she wants to make sure that her clients are getting to where they want to be. When things get tricky, Emily’s there to smooth things and see the bright side of things. She is also persistent and makes sure nothing gets left on the backburner. Ultimately, Emily loves making her clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Emily and her amazing family!

Emily chose real estate for many reasons. One of which is that she just enjoys getting to know people and their unique perspectives. She also likes seeing the different architecture that is out there. BST Realty LLC was number one on Emily’s list of brokerages because of connecting with Michael Kemry, Managing Principal Broker. Over time, she also loved the community atmosphere and flexibility that BST Realty LLC provided. In addition to real estate, Emily continues her practice in addictions counseling.  In her spare time, she keeps busy with her lovely five children and husband. We are so happy to have Emily with us! Give her a call, and get started on your real estate dreams!

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Make Your Dreams Blossom

At BST Realty LLC, we are here to serve you and your real estate needs. We know that sometimes it’s hard to get started on a dream or goal you may have. That’s why we are here. We are here to help guide you through the real estate process and make your dreams blossom into a reality. Whether you’re a first-time home Buyer or an experienced Seller, we can adapt and change to your needs. It’s because we’re experts when it comes to real estate, and we love it when our clients flourish.

Investment and Property Management Services

We also specialize in investment properties as well as property management services. Our motto is that we will treat your property as if it was our own and keep you informed when it comes to the changing landscape of property management. We get that it’s tough to juggle all the things that life has to offer, and that’s why we are here. Think of us as a guiding compass to help get you to where you want to go.

We have a stellar reputation and were voted Best Real Estate Company in the Willamette Valley for 2021 this year. We are grateful for that award. In fact, it only makes us want to try harder and achieve higher levels of excellence to serve as a model for how real estate should be conducted. This also applies to supporting our community. After all, we are a local business, so supporting local is just naturally something we do.

So, if you’re in the market, we’ve got you covered and then some. We may even have some fun along the way. Our agents are experts in the field and will serve you in simply the best ways possible when it comes to achieving your dreams. Let’s get started and make your dreams blossom into what you’ve been waiting for!

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Real Estate Market: 4 Key Trends

Today’s Real Estate Market Explained Through 4 Key Trends | MyKCM

As we move into the second half of the year, one thing is clear: the current real estate market is one for the record books. The exact mix of conditions we have today creates opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Here’s a look at four key components that are shaping this unprecedented market.

A Shortage of Homes for Sale

Earlier this year, the number of homes available for sale fell to an all-time low. In recent months, however, inventory levels are starting to trend up. The latest Monthly Housing Market Trends Report from says:

“In June, newly listed homes grew by 5.5% on a year-over-year basis, and by 10.9% on a month-over-month basis. Typically, fewer newly listed homes appear on the market in the month of June compared to May. This year, growth in new listings is continuing later into the summer season, a welcome sign for a tight housing market.”

This is good news for buyers who crave more options. But even though we’re experiencing small gains in the number of available homes for sale, inventory remains a challenge in most states. That’s why it’s still a sellers’ market, giving homeowners immense leverage when they decide to make a move.

Buyer Competition and Bidding Wars

Today’s ongoing low supply, coupled with high demand, creates a market characterized by high buyer competition and bidding wars. Buyers are going above and beyond to make sure their offer stands out from the crowd by offering over the asking price, all cash, or waiving some contingencies. The number of offers on the average house for sale broke records this year – and that’s great news for sellers.

Today’s Real Estate Market Explained Through 4 Key Trends | MyKCM

The latest Confidence Index from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) says the average home for sale receives five offers (see graph below):For buyers, the best way to put a compelling offer together is by working with a local real estate professional. That agent can act as your trusted advisor on what terms are best for you and what’s most appealing to the seller.

Home Price Appreciation

The competition among buyers is driving prices up. Over the past year, we’ve seen home price appreciation rise across the country. According to the most recent Home Price Index (HPI) from CoreLogic, national home prices increased 15.4% year-over-year in May:

“The May 2021 HPI gain was up from the May 2020 gain of 4.2% and was the highest year-over-year gain since November 2005. Low mortgage rates and low for-sale inventory drove the increase in home prices.”

Rising home values are a big part of why real estate remains one of the top sought-after investments for Americans. For potential sellers, it also means it’s a great time to list your house to maximize the return on your investment.

A Rise in Home Values and Equity

The equity in a home doesn’t just grow when a homeowner pays their mortgage – it also grows as the home’s value appreciates. Thanks to the jump in price appreciation, homeowners across the country are seeing record-breaking gains in home equity. CoreLogic recently reported:

“…homeowners with mortgages (which account for roughly 62% of all properties) have seen their equity increase by 19.6% year over year, representing a collective equity gain of over $1.9 trillion, and an average gain of $33,400 per borrower, since the first quarter of 2020.”

That’s a major perk for households to leverage. Homeowners can use that equity to accomplish major life goals or move into their dream homes.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, there’s no time like the present. Let’s connect to talk about how you can take advantage of the conditions we’re seeing today to meet your homeownership goals.

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We are Simply the Best, Baby!

We are simply the best for many reasons, but one of them is most definitely our wonderful agents. Our agents are well-versed in how to help their clients reach their real estate goals. Each one of our agents gives a unique point of view and skill set as well. In real estate, agents are known to take their work “home” with them. That means, they are working hard for their clients to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It also means that family is sometimes integrated into what they are doing, too. In a way, we think of our BST Realty LLC team as family. And, we are simply the best, baby! We are there for each other, and we help cheer one another on when there is a success. When one shines, we all shine!

Simply the Best, Baby!
Erica Rumpca, broker, with her little helper!

Our Awesome Agents

Our agents care about their clients and are fierce negotiators. In a hot market like we are in right now, it’s good to have an agent who knows how to guide you on how to best present your offer as well as connect you with valuable resources to make the most informed decisions. If you’re a Buyer and a bit nervous about making the leap into homeownership, we have agents that can teach you about the real estate process and help you at each step in the journey. If you’re a Seller who has owned a few homes, we also have agents who understand how best to showcase your home to reach the goal you’re wanting to achieve.

Are you an investor? We also have agents experienced in selling rental homes as well as commercial real estate. Not only that, but we also provide property management services. At BST Realty LLC, we’ve got you covered. We are simply the best in real estate. In fact, we just won an award for Gold Best Real Estate Company for Best in the Willamette Valley. Let’s get started on this journey together and make your home dreams a reality!

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Steps Toward Homeownership

At BST Realty LLC, we make sure that our clients understand every step in the real estate process. So, if you’re a first-time home Buyer that’s a bit nervous about making the first steps toward your goal in homeownership, we are right there with you. It’s a bit like a hike. If you’re new to the trail, you may be a bit more cautious with how you approach it. And, that’s perfectly natural.

New to Real Estate?

Being new to real estate, you may have the same kind of feeling. If you have questions about home values, lenders, and inspectors, we’ll help guide you. It’s just part of the job, and we genuinely love helping people. We enjoy connecting our clients to resources that will help them in the long run. The steps toward homeownership can be both a learning experience leads to amazing growth and possibility.

Steps Toward Homeownership

Experienced with Big Goals in Mind?

That also goes for Sellers who may have had more experience with homeownership. We have well-versed and experienced agents to help make sure that you achieve your goal. Our agents are known for being fierce negotiators as well as good at empathizing with tough situations. We get it, a house is a place that many life milestones and memories are made. The more time and energy you spend in a home, the more connected you feel to it. And, we want to be there for you to make sure you get the value you want out of your home.

When it comes to buying or selling, we have expert agents ready to help you. We want to make your life not only easier with the real estate process, but also more enjoyable. If you’re thinking of buying or selling real estate, we are simply the best at providing stellar service to our clients. In fact, you can access those brilliant reviews on our website to see for yourself. Let’s get started on this journey together and make your real estate dreams become a reality.

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