Thankful for Our Community

During the holidays, it’s easy to get lost in the details. But, one of the ways to zoom out and view the bigger picture is to do good things for others. It not only helps lift them up but lifts up everyone involved. The goodness a person feels inside after helping someone that is in need is irreplaceable. Taking a moment to look outside ourselves opens up a completely new world of possibility. At BST Realty LLC, we are so thankful for our community. Each year, we give back in many ways. It’s because we believe that when we help others, the entire community benefits. Are there ways that you give back to your community?

Thankful for Our Community

Holiday Giving

We have a lot of things happening during the holidays. And, if you’d like to be involved, too, here are just a few ways! At the Keizer Office, we’ll have a tree to hang donation tags from the Keizer Chamber for local youth that need items in the community. Also, there is a Shangri-La donation tree, too, that’s better for if you’d like to donate online. So many ways to give, it’s sometimes hard to choose. But, here’s a hint, go with your heart.

It’s not just the holidays that we think about our community. A portion of what we earn goes back into the community through the year. To wonderful organizations like the Warrior Battalion and Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA). We’re proud to be a part of our community and to support one another. At BST Realty LLC, hope that your holiday is plentiful. And, that your heart is filled to the brim with gratitude like ours.

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Supporting Our Team

At BST Realty LLC, we love supporting one another. One way we did this recently was by sponsoring Silver Falls Sasquatch. Jackson Sherwood, Broker, is a part of the bicycling club! We got this snazzy hat as a thank you for our sponsorship. We also love supporting organizations like SACA in Silverton and Shangri-La in Salem. There are so many wonderful ways to help in our community. And, it feels really good to be a part of strengthening it. Another way to think about it is that we are supporting our team in real estate and beyond.

Supporting Our Team


When it comes to our agents, we make sure a solid foundation is set when they come on board. Whether they’re experienced or new to the real estate game, we offer mentorship and training opportunities for any level. In other words, we meet our agents where they are at and provide the support they need. We love to see when some of our seasoned agents take on a mentorship role with our newer agents. And, when those newer agents get more experience, they also can help in return. This type of effort makes our team even that more tight-knit. And, it makes it fun! We provide a supportive community environment for everyone to thrive.


If you’re interested in joining the team, we have flexible plans that fit your lifestyle needs. There’s no corporate fee or lead fees to worry about either. Our leadership team is here to support you. Because, when you flourish, we do, too. Our offices in Keizer and Silverton are also fully equipped if you’d like to meet with a client in person or over video conference. We have cloud-based systems that enable you to work remotely. We find that all this flexibility with the latest in technology offers an optimal environment for our agents to do what they do best! Because, after all, we are simply the best, and our team environment reflects that.

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Shangri-La’s Holiday Wishes

We are all about giving during the holidays. This year, at Bledsoe Santana Team Realty, LLC, we are participating in Shangri-La’s Holiday Wishes Project. Shangri-La is a nonprofit whose mission is to, “Serve individuals with disabilities or disadvantages so they may recognize and achieve their potential.” The Holiday Wishes Project is an opportunity for us to support our community. We do this by fulfilling wishes from people who Shangri-La serves. This could be anything from a gift certificate to clothing, it just depends on this wish. Here is the link to fulfill one of those wishes. It’s a great way to participate and grant someone’s wish this holiday.

Shangri-La's Holiday Wishes
Make someone’s wishes come true this holiday.

An introduction into Shangri-La

Michael Kemry, our office manager in Keizer, is the on the board as Vice President for Shangri-La, so this is how we first were introduced to this wonderful organization and all it has to offer. If this is your first time hearing about Shangri-La, it’s an interesting story as to how it received its name as well. The name came from a book written in 1933, that depicted a utopic place for all, and this was Shangri-La. Shangri-La provides so many essential services for people with disabilities. This includes employment services, life-enriching programs, and out-patient mental health services…just to name a few. These services provide people with disabilities with multiple avenues to achieve their goals.

Serving Community

Shangri-La’s vision is to have, “Communities where all people are accepted for their abilities and celebrated for their successes.” A place where people are accepted and celebrated for who they are is a place we want to be. With the holidays around the corner, what types of ways are you showing support for your community? Whether it be helping a neighbor carry groceries, donating to your favorite charity, or volunteering to help serve food…it’s a great time to think about being thankful and showing that appreciation through serving your community. In the spirit of the Holiday Wishes Project, we wish you a holiday filled with all the good things you’ve been thinking about. And, most of all, we wish you a holiday filled with love.

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