Meet Jackson Sherwood

Meet Jackson Sherwood! Jackson is one of our wonderful agents at BST Realty LLC. He brings his experience of working in the corporate world coupled with his love of helping people to real estate. Born and raised in Silverton, Jackson is also an expert in the Willamette Valley. Jackson specializes in timber and rural properties. If you’re thinking about buying that farm you’ve always wanted or perhaps moving to “greener pastures” for a quieter life in the country, then Jackson is the person to call!

Jackson IS a Rock-Star Producer!

Jackson’s Journey to Real Estate

Jackson was working in the corporate sphere when he realized he wanted a change in his work-life balance. He was helping his family with some home improvements and realized the deeper he got into understanding homes, the more interested he became. Jackson also loves just looking at homes. So, it was an easy transition into real estate. It allowed for him to have more flexibility and spend more time with family, which was a big plus. Jackson is an avid outdoors person. And, this draw brought him to his specialty in the buying and selling of timber and rural properties.

He loves to drive the country roads, and meet up with clients to walk the property and get an in-depth feel of what it truly has to offer. This also may mean connecting his clients with a timber company or an agronomist to better understand how the land may be utilized based on the clients’ needs. And, sometimes he even takes his mountain bike out to explore the terrain even more!

Jackson having fun outdoors with his adorable daughter.

Family Time and the Outdoors

When Jackson isn’t doing real estate, he’s spending time outdoors and with family. He loves growing up in the Willamette Valley and having so much yet to explore. Whether it’s driving and enjoying the beautiful scenery, or getting out there for bow hunting and mountain biking. He also loves to cook for people. And, his wife just got him an awesome open grill to do more of it. The kiddos are another added bonus, and he likes the moments where he gets to pick up his daughter from school and hear about her day or go camping with the family.

If you’re a Buyer or a Seller that’s interested in pursuing a new way of life in the countryside, Jackson is your agent. He’ll help you every step of the way. Whether it be figuring out how to do a timber transaction on a rural property or connecting you with an expert on how to best utilize the land for producing food and living off the grid, Jackson has you covered. He adores the outdoors and helping people find a place that checks all the boxes. At BST Realty LLC, we are so proud to have Jackson as a part of the team. Give Jackson a call, and get started on your dream homestead!

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Helping Neighbors

Tough times bring people together. The last week has served up weather that has made people even more compassionate with one another. Community is such an important thing to us, and we support it in many ways. This time around, neighbors were helping neighbors to make it through the cold temperatures after a power outage that has been deemed historic in Oregon. Although this may have taken the wind out of our sails for a moment, our community quickly came together to make sure people in need were being helped. With the snow and ice hitting the Midwest, it reminds us also to be appreciative of what we have in the Willamette Valley.

Helping Others

For those who have loved ones in that part of the nation, we hope that they are safe and warm. We also are so thankful for our heroes that continue to astound us with their bravery and courage. Our firefighters and first responders that are out there continue to help people still in need during this time.

Some stories of compassion have been happening everywhere. From a neighbor knocking door to door to make sure everyone had a warm place to stay. To families offering other families a home to take shelter and have some solace. Also, there is the story of the man who parked his RV at Silverton Estates, so that way others could refrigerate their medications. Some people have even given others less fortunate a bit of money and a pair of socks in a hotel lobby. All of these things, whether seemingly big or small add up to making our community stronger. Because, we are stronger together.

At BST Realty LLC, we are here to help you navigate during tough times as well. We are problem-solvers and we care about our clients. It’s not short-term for us, it’s building long-term relationships that last. We are also an affiliate with the Homes for Heroes Program, which helps people like first responders get some money back when buying or selling a home. We truly appreciate how much our heroes have been there to support our community. Now, we know that some people are without power still. We will lead with compassion, especially during this time. And, we will all get through this together. With spring right around the corner, we can’t wait to see blossoms from this long winter.

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National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

Could there be a more appropriate day to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day than Friday?!! Friday night and pizza are match made in heaven! Tonight take a break from your crazy week and have a pizza night!

Silverton is full of fabulous food, but did you know that Home Place has a drive through window? Home Place pizza is hard to beat and with the drive up you don’t even have to get out of the car! Home place Restaurant has been a Silverton fixture since 1978! Check out their web page and get your pizza ordered!

Home Place Restaurant

Home Place Restaurant offers a whole lot more than pizza with excellent down home cooking and a huge dining room! They also have a full bar and a banquet room available for reservation. This home town treasure is a community favorite that has stood the test of time and still serves some of the best!

Loving our community is one of the easiest things we do thanks to this amazing little town!

If TGIF has you thinking about the weekend and getting some chores done before Fall sets in, let us help you out. We have an outstanding Home Care Page full of our Preferred Service Providers. We know it is hard to navigate the waters of home repair and contractors. These providers are people we use regularly and trust. They will get you taken care of and get your home ready for the next season! Check it out!

Home Care Page

Simply The Best!

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Dads and Strawberries!

This weekend is all about the Dads and Strawberries! We want to recognize all you fathers out there and wish you a very Happy Father’s Day! We hope you are spoiled this weekend by the ones you love!

We also hope you make it out to the Silverton Hills Strawberry Festival for some fabulous food, drinks and live music! The festivities are from 11am -5pm Sunday, June 16th. There will be mountain high strawberry shortcake that you just won’t want to miss and so much more! Home town fun for Dad!

Silverton Hills Strawberry Festival


Looking for a new home this summer? Let us help you navigate this market and find the perfect property for you! We are here for you!

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It’s time for Silverton’s Pet Parade!

It is time to get those animal friends fluffed and buffed and trimmed and bedazzled for another fabulous Silverton Pet Parade! Your local Silverton Kiwanis Club hosts this event and it has been around since 1932! This Event is this Saturday, May 18th and begins at 10:00 am.

You can’t beat a home town parade where you get to show of your animal friends and rub elbows with your neighbors! Come on out and enjoy Silverton the best way! See you there, rain or shine!

Here is the link for all the details you need to participate or just to get the best seat in the house!

Silverton Pet Parade

We are experts on Silverton community and would love to chat with you about our sweet town! Come see us and let us help you find your piece of Silverton! You can also click the link below to see what is for sale in Silverton!

Property Search!


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Spring Break Ideas!

Spring Break is here! What are you going to do to make the most of this time? We have some great ideas to work your way through for fun times this week or really anytime in our happy Willamette Valley!

Crazy doesn’t even begin to explain the weather we have had the last month but that doesn’t have to keep you from having a fabulous time with your family! We have some really amazing indoor pools and aquatic centers to spend a day of water play anytime of the year. Here are some links to nearby facilities!

Silver Falls Family YMCA Pool-Silverton

Salem Kroc Center

Woodburn Aquatic Center

If you and your littles need a little quiet time, enjoy story time at a local library. This is fabulous fun and a great excuse to get to the library and use that library card!

Mt. Angel Public Library

Silver Falls Library- Silverton

Woodburn Public Library


If you are in the mood for a tour around with history and art try taking a tour of Silverton Murals. You can take a drive or get some steps in walking to each location. Either way it’s a great way to enjoy this small town and all it’s charms!

Silverton Murals Map

Or, take a little longer trip and visit some amazing bridges that surround us here in the Willamette Valley! The Gallon House Covered Bridge is a great place to start, but there are 54 covered bridges in Oregon just waiting for you to come check them out!

Map 54 Oregon Covered Bridges

While you are at it make sure you get over to Salem Waterfront where you can walk, bike or roll over some pretty spectacular pedestrian bridges over the Willamette River!

Salem Riverfront Park


Whatever you end up doing this Spring Break we hope you have a fabulous week and enjoy every minute!

If Spring Break is the perfect time for you to begin your search for a new home let us make it happen for you! We would love to show you some homes! Here is a home search link to get you started!

Home Search



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The right home for “Wright”!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Gordon House” is a great testament to the value that the community of Silverton places on art and history. Silverton and The Oregon Gardens were instrumental in the salvation, relocation and rehabilitation of this true piece of art. Now available for tours and event rentals, it stands strong and beautiful. Well done on another home run Silverton! It is what we have come to expect of our amazing little community of big dreamers!

Here is some history on the Gordon house from Wikipedia

“The house was designed in 1957 for Evelyn and Conrad Gordon, and finished in 1963 (four years after Frank Lloyd Wright’s death). It was originally located near Wilsonville, Oregon, situated to take advantage of views of the adjacent Willamette River on the west side and Mt Hood to the east. After Evelyn Gordon’s death in 1997, the house was sold to new owners David and Carey Smith, who wanted to tear it down to make room for a larger, more contemporary structure. The Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy became involved in attempts to preserve the historic house, and in early 2001, they obtained a three-month reprieve to dismantle it,  and move it to the Oregon Garden, about 21 miles (34 km) southeast of its original location. The Conservancy accepted a proposal from the Oregon Garden Society, assisted by the City of Silverton, to take charge of moving and reinstalling the house. Dismantling began on March 9, 2001. The house was moved in four large pieces, with the upper floor, containing two bedrooms and one bath, moved as a single unit. Overall neglect required refurbishing of the structure’s siding and roofing which was arranged by grants from the Architectural Foundation of Oregon and the Oregon Cultural TrustA new foundation replicating the original was constructed. The house opened one year later as the only publicly accessible Frank Lloyd Wright home in the Pacific Northwest.”-Wikipedia


As part of this fabulous community, we would love to serve you in any real estate needs you may have. We have 3 locations and many outstanding agents that can get your job done!

Contact Us!

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Roth’s, an Iconic Silverton Institution!

When you think of things iconic to Silverton, images of Boedies Drive Through, A & W  root beer floats, Homer Davenport Days and “Red Devil Hill” go through your mind. There are few businesses native to Silverton that have passed the test of time and still stand proudly serving their community like Roth’s Fresh Market. Orville Roth carved his brand into Silverton long ago and now it stands as a reminder of who he was and how he cared for his town. Most of us donned a green tie and apron at some point in our life and learned about work ethic and service.

Roth’s in Silverton holds a certain magic hard to find in other grocery stores. The detail oriented service started by Orville and instilled in his employees even today are a testament to his vision for Silverton. Visiting Roth’s feels like something between a farmer’s market, a gourmet grocery, and a coffee shop where you can shoot the breeze and catch up on news about town. Yes, you will get your shopping done, but you will also go wine tasting, find some local organic soaps, buy a last minute gift, and get a hard to beat burger fresh off the grill. Roth’s is a true gem to our community and one that I hope will last forever!

Roth’s was founded by Herman C. Jochimsen and Orville N. Roth on August 5th, 1962. They opened their first store right here in Silverton, Oregon. Though Roth’s offers all the modern conveniences, the spirit of the past and true service still remain the heartbeat and the atmosphere.

Roth’s Fresh Market


We love are community and we love Roth’s! If you would like to find out more about Silverton or the surrounding areas and how to make this your hometown, give us a call or stop by one of our offices and we would happy to chat with you and answer your questions.

BST Agents!


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First Friday Festivities!!


Christmas festivities will be upon us in no time and Santa will be coming to town! As always we will have our amazing Spin The Wheel, treats and prizes, Photo Booth, and Karaoke! So, make sure you come see us for December 7th, 6-9 pm during First Friday. We will be here before and after the tree lighting! It’s a great way to start the Ho Ho Holidays!!



“‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar plums danc’d in their heads”

“But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight-
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

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Silverton on the historic map!

Check out this great little post on Silverton with some fun historic facts! We know we love our special small town but it is always fun to hear it from the outside! Enjoy!

“It’s “Did you know about Oregon” Friday. The name Silverton was due to the town being located on Silver Creek. 1. Adolph Wolf had this built for his hardware store in 1891. He served as mayor and helped bring the railroad to town. 2.. This 1904 house was built for June and Eleanor Drake. June Drake was a commercial photographer and used his photos of Silver Falls in a campaign to establish Silver Falls State Park. 3. The 5 sided Ames building was erected in 1905 to house the People’s Bank. It appeared in a scene in the movie “Bandits”. 4&5. The 1906 train depot was sold for a $1 in the 1970’s with the requirement that it had to be moved. The Chamber of Commerce is the current occupant. 6. The 1925 City hall was designed by the city engineer.”- Darrell Jabin; Oregon’s Traveling Historian

We want you to find your little piece of history and we can help you do that all over Oregon. We have agents from Eugene to Portland and will go the the extra mile to make your home buying dreams come true! Let the BST team represent you!



Licensed Broker in The State of Oregon

Silverton Office 503-874-4666

Woodburn Branch Office 503-446-5411


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